Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein

Yes, it just arrived, exactly yesterday…and I have started to delve into it. What really pack a punch from the first lines of this book is the total honesty of Gabby being herself previously the one to judge all the time !

I started to think that for a spiritual author since a decade, judging is not  a good example for us and…BAM I started to judge her straight away, yes , just instantly like my mind was on autopilot to judge. Hum I am telling you if being judgemental is so ingrained in us, it is worth to understand the trigger of such behaviour to truly heal from it, being more compassionate and kind.

With Christie Marie Sheldon, I learned to do not judge and this simple guidance removed so many layers of negativity in my life that I am now immediately aware when my habit of judging is working.

What I really noticed is that we always judge without having all the details, the background to understand such attitude or behaviour…because it happen to me so many times to judge, to criticize strongly to finally feel guilty or ashamed when I learned the roots of such behaviour. So, with this is mind , just to see the impact of your judgement, just give a try to witness your judgements with kindness and remember that we never have the whole story.

I will make a review of her book and you will know if truly ” Judgement Detox” is transformational to heal your judgements habits.

Spirituality & Love

Believe in a higher consciousness, be open to new realities, it is what I called being an individual willing to change, to see new perceptions and have the courage to challenge his attitude, behaviour and values system. Yes, being spiritual is a meaningful work which requires commitment, consistency and faith. In a world where the war between the good and the evil is so abundantly clear, it proves difficult to do not take action to counterbalance the state of our world by our individual actions. We know that once we unite all for the good and for justice, clarity and peace, we outnumbered our visible or invisible ennemies.

Being spiritual is taking the courage to stand up for what you feel right, to heal yourself to help others, to let your purpose find you and live in harmony with yourself and others. We are born for joy, happiness and kindness. Not for anger, sadness and death. It’s time that all of us awake in the evolving and difficult time to bring more light, hope and peace to each of us. Fight for Love is a journey and we are born to take this challenge, learn and master our ability to create a life we love.

Create a life you love is the starter to go out, get out of your comfort zone, face your fears and make your life epic. If you are ready to transform your life, you just need to give me a sign and I will be on your side to beautifully and surely step into your greatness.

The Power of Forgiveness by Ziva Meditation : profound, liberating and enlightening !

I recently discovered the Power of Forgiveness with Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva meditation. Having the ability to forgive a person, yourself from what this person did or which mistakes you have done is a powerful tool to regain your energy. By learning acceptance and compassion and apply it in your daily life, you learn to forgive with a big F. Take this step is brave and show your vulnerability. However, contrary to what you may think, forgive someone who hurt you or yourself is a sign of strength in emotional intelligence. By acknowledging the impact that this person had on you or the negative emotions/chat you have about yourself, you are witnessing to release yourself emotionally and energetically from these situations.

When you are ready to do so, to take a leap of faith and gave the courage to forgive, it is an uncomfortable journey but the result is worth it. Most importantly the result is the opening to another kingdom : your freedom, not constraints, no limits, you are freeing yourself from this person or traumatic event. Maybe one, two, three and more sessions will be necessary to release these persons or emotions but carry this personal journey is amazingly liberating for your body, mind and soul.

I just listened to the free audio and by forgiving this person, I free myself from the anger, disappointment, gossip talk I had about him to truly with the power of forgiveness release him, cut energy cords between you and me and feel truly and blissfully free. And the power you regain is indescribable, forgiveness is an empowering tool to not be overlooked because it is an act bringing more love, compassion and acceptance into our world.

If you are feeling at loss, resentment, anger fire up within you just to think about this person, empower yourself today with the Power of Forgiveness and regain your emotional freedom,