Do We Really Need To Work Hard To Achieve Our Goals ?

We have been advised for ages by our parents, relatives and grandparents that working hard is key to make our dreams come true.

To make our vision a reality, we have to agree that  we need to generate a lot of energy to move things in the direction we want but deep down , is it really physically hard to make our dreams come true ? I don’t think so or depending of your goal. If you want to lose weight or have a toned and fit body, yes it is unsurprisingly that you are going to work, physically working hard. We all agree on this point.

But what about the other goals ? like creating your own business, travel around the world, being an artist or write a book, yes what about these kind of goals ? From my point of view, if you really believe in your vision and passionately want to make it true, this is not hard work, this is not a task or a job, THIS is crafting your future, make your passion your purpose in life, add meaning in your life by excelling at something to help people.

Being an expert in your subject will come with consistency and practice. More you will practice and more you will be good at it. Use the power of practice and consistency to create an habit beneficial for you.

Being gritty  (blend of perseverance and passion) is essential to brush off the no, the negative comments or judgements and create what you want to see and have in your life. It is much more inspiring and motivating to wake up everyday to develop your passion than thinking working hard.

Your motivation lies in the words we are using. Think passion, grit, purpose and you will have a spring in your step to get closer to your dreams. Think contacts, ideas, opportunities and you will continue to work on your passion relentlessly until your dream will become reality. You can do it.

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Create Your Own Opportunities, Create Your Own Success, Create Your Own Life

Don’t wait for the right time, the right moment to jump in the unknown, stop thinking, analysing every detail just Do it! Your action will create consistent steps showing to the Universe/law of attraction that you are committed, passionate about what you want and it will respond to it if you believe, feel and act on it.
Your feelings are like antennas for the law of attraction to give us what we want, added to that positive and powerful thoughts and feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude and more you will attract opportunities leading to these feelings.

Do not judge situations, events or people because we are most of time completely ignorant of the rationale, details and background leading to such situation. Judging is a push towards more negative feelings and move on from it takes time. For this reason, I always listen to my intuition to be compassionate instead of judgemental and wait to know more about the truth. Such attitude help me to remain happy and grateful for everything in my life.

Create your own life. What does it mean ? It means being proactive to make your dreams come true, to take risks, to be more visible, shine your light, your passion to be seen and heard. So many of us are extremely talented but are blocked by limiting beliefs, fears holding us back. If you truly want to take the steps to create your own success, you have to get out and share your passion. Not selling, no sharing to help genuinely others and working gradually to remove these fears and old beliefs. Your willingness to change will allow you to rise and shine as you crave to and being supported by the Universe whether the purpose of your mission is to genuinely helping others.

So, you know what you need to do right now, send this email awaiting in your drafts for ages to create the opportunity you want, ask a meeting for the pay rise that you deserve, draft your first business card for your online business or take the plunge of travelling alone, whatever you dream to do it, you have the power to make it real, just Do It, it’s Time.

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What You Give Is What You Receive

When you step back from your routine, take a minute to pause and realise the crazy pace in which we put ourselves into,  a stranger may think that we are lost the plot…especially people with a quality of life where slowing down, living in the moment and prioritise quality over quantity is the mantra.

Recently I needed a break to get back to a quieter pace of life and this change occurred naturally from the moment I decided to have a kick ass day, to focus on the positive and enjoy being in the moment. I stick to my decision, did my meditations and workout with Tamily and Tracy Anderson for 4 days and blessings blossomed around me daily.

I truly think that once you have good vibes, smiling and being nice, you attract your tribe, the people in the same state of mind than you and you enjoy even more your life. After all, the law of attraction is the scientific evidence that attraction is always in motion, so better to consistently focus on the positive, do not judge people and being grateful. Why ? because by doing that you will be happier, attracting more happiness, abundance around you. And I think this is everyone want, so it’s time to give to others what you would like to receive.

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And If It’s Time To Invest In Yourself ?

“Keep up the good work! ” This was the end of her unofficial review for mid year and she couldn’t prevent herself to notice that her manager has big projects for the rest of the year. Somewhere in the ocean of words that her manager was saying a few minutes ago, a realisation came upon her : ” big projects again ? really ? Why I invest my time, my energy in this job and not for me ?”

Gradually during all the day, she felt that she didn’t want to be only good, she wanted to make a difference in people lives, heal them by empowering them and fire up the light within them to make their life extraordinary.

She was thinking that if she has to give her energy for this company, it’s time to make the investment of her life, take a leap of faith and set up her own business.

To overcome her fears and make her voice heard. To live in line with her purpose and feel fulfilled for good.

But first she needed to face her fears…

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Ziva Meditation : The Best Meditation I Have Ever Tried !

I am still shocked by the results of this meditation, it is super quick, easy to follow and truly effective. I really didn’t expect these results because I was intrigued by this Masterclass with Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva meditation but honestly a bit skeptical.

I meditate on a daily basis, it is something not negotiable in my life like brush my teeth or clean my skin every morning, it help me to start the day with good vibes and intentions to make my day fantastic by being kind, patient and keep my frequency high.

So, I was intrigued by the message of Emily Fletcher and decided to attend online this Masterclass yesterday. I was tired but noticed the values of the Ziva meditation based on neuroscience studies to release stress and fill your reservoir of adaptation energy. Adaptation Energy is the ability to handle changes in expectations, in a nutshell  unpredictable events and/or circumstances testing your balance.

I also took part to a 15min meditation with Emily Fletcher right before the end of the Masterclass but I was too tired to really see the impact of it. It’s only this morning, waking up in a cranky mode that I did this meditation again to see if this meditation is useful. I felt a shift in my body and my energy pushing me to go back to sleep which I did.

I slept like a baby, like I was waking up after a few days on holiday, feeling truly rested and peaceful. I woke up revived, energised and invigorated. The reason why I am sharing my experience is because the benefits of this meditation have been so fast, so powerful and so mind blowing that I really needed to share my story with you. Should you suffer of any sleep issues, THIS meditation is for YOU. I didn’t even know that I had sleep issues or needed to sleep more.

From what I read, Emily Fletcher, the founder of this meditation is a renowned Meditation teacher which brought to the world a modern meditation method that you can truly integrate in your daily life to perform better and be a magnet of the good things you want in your life. In any case, it works fast and is super efficient, so don’t be surprised if Ziva meditation is a subject coming back in my articles because THIS meditation is pure gold in your hands !!

The Masterclass is available on Mindvalley and free until July 11th. Grab this fantastic opportunity to make a dramatic change to your life ! Near the end of the Masterclass, you can purchase the M Word program created by Emily Fletcher at a special price. This is a ‘Thank You Gift’ Mindvalley provide to the Masterclass attendees. Don’t miss it !

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From The Heart : Manifesting Abundance with Yoga Girl

I may be the only one to discover podcasts but I glad I did now. And I really loved in particular the podcast from @yoga-girl (Rachel Brathen) entitled From The Heart available on itunes. It’s like sharing a coffee or a lunch with her and truly have access to her life, her real life. Despite being a yoga teacher in Aruba and organising workshops and retreats, she is not afraid to speak about her struggles, her dilemma as a new mum and ask for help. And this is what I really love about her : no fake, no lies just the truth, simple and plain truth.

She also have this remarkable ability, she really is a storyteller to immerse her audience into her world and share it generously with different guests. I must say, by listening to her podcasts it has been for me like opening the door into another world. The first subject who intrigued me was how to manifest Abundance. It is a recurring subject coming into my emails, my internet search or even Instagram and I decided to take the plunge and understand more about it.

Rachel Brathen’s experience and insight about the subject make you realise that your faith, your beliefs are key to bring profound changes to your mindset, attitude and life. Taking the time to dig deep in your values, thinking process and feelings is an exercise which requires practise to fully create your own reality and attract your dreams to make them true. Sounds too be good to be true ? Possibly but this is where the truth lies… sometimes we add too much drama, overcomplicate things, events making them worse by our negative thinking patterns and anticipating the worst, living in fear or anxiety. Living in this manner is lock yourself in a dark bubble with no light, fresh air, sun to feel and live.

I think this is the reason, going outside, take some fresh air, feel the wind caress your skin, the sun warming your face is the key to unlock this door by feeling yourself alive, feel, smell, touch, see : awake your senses to realise your chance to be alive, to make your life extraordinary and being yourself.

Most importantly, as Gabby Bernstein say : “The Universe has Your Back”. Try each day to trust the Universe, to show your vulnerability, to truly believe that things will get better. Sometimes it will require action from you but if you believe with all your heart, elevate your frequency to love, gratitude, joy, kindness, you will manifest Abundance. Just give a try, you will never regret it !

From The Heart :

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Do You Really Know What You Truly Want ? If Not, It’s Time To Reflect

I missed writing and reading all the posts from the persons I follow. It’s a lot to commit to you but when what you are missing is a passion in your life, it’s never too much to the end. So, yes I have been more busy than usual at work, juggling between different projects and the insanity of some new systems. Apart from that, I managed to navigate smoothly through this storm and we are close to meet our targets well before the deadline, so everything look good.

I had a fed up crisis of the astronomical number of apps to our availability and that we are using. I mean, I understand some of us love to control everything or feeling in control of their diet, fitness to reach their goals, however from my point of view, I really feel disempowered to give so much power to all this technology. Practical, efficient or easy to use ? Yes, maybe but I truly feel that we should get back our power, choose which kind of lifestyle we want without sabotaging our diet, fitness or mind.

I also can hear from many people that the traditional way to work is outdated. Working for a company, or a corporate company does not give us the opportunity, flexibility that many people aspire to. Unsurprisingly these people quit their jobs, change their career or create their own business to live the life they want. It is a calculated risk , an adventure and a fantastic way to be happy on their own terms.

Ultimately reflection and reflexion are the keys to realise what you truly want. Take the time to ask you the good questions : Do you love your job ? Do you love your lifestyle ? Are you seeing your friends and family often ? Do you manage to  make time for yourself ? Do you truly enjoy your life ? If you are feeling hesitant, unsure and unsettled about the above questions, it’s time to take a break and reflect.

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Meditation And Self Care, My Saviors To Find Back My Balance

Always my savior when things unravel,  when I can feel that I am getting impatient, snapping, reacting instead of observing and act accordingly.

Yes when I feel that my inner patience is not attainable, I  know that I need to meditate, to become centred, more aware and see what are the real reasons of my increasing impatience.

Sometimes like yesterday it’s just the feeling to juggle so many things that lead me to lose my cool. Between work, food shopping, play and look after my bundle of joy, prepare the dinner and find 5 minutes to eat, I really felt that setting up boundaries is necessary to keep my sanity…and meditate to get back my dear balance.

In these moments,  we really need to stop running and this is what I did. I sat down and ate, I took the time to do it and my daughter got it and played alone for a few minutes…and this is only what I needed, a few minutes for myself to slow down for awareness and mindful eating. I also wrote my gratitude list and by doing so, I realised that I had a fantastic day and it was only depending of me to keep it that way. We have to make the choice either to run or to stop. In my case, stopping multitasking was the best thing ever because it was unproductive and self destructive for my self esteem. But this is where we all have this ability to get back on our feet, focus on the positive, be grateful and see clearly what our life is : extraodinary, exciting, challenging with so much love.

So if you feel like you are losing control, stop what you are doing, take a break, meditate, go outside, do something you love and write your gratitude list. I am 100% sure that you will feel much more better after this well-deserved break for your self care.

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What are the 5 Keys To Unlock Your Potential?

What is Potential ? What is having access to your full abilities and rise from it ? We often heard about this term but the meaning behind it lead to understand 5 elements/keys to truly unlock it.

1.Learn being aware of your thoughts. Change your thinking process.

Potential is releasing what you are able to do. This stage involves to go through an awareness of your thinking process, to make time to meditate and see clearly your thoughts. Being aware of your thoughts helps you to differentiate, to distance yourself from them but also to make a “daily spring cleaning” to transform your negativity into positivity, see your vision and what’s bothering you to sort it out.

2.Positivity attract positivity.

Once you are able to see the positivity into your thinking process, you will be able more freely to think outside of the box, to ask questions and challenge the status quo. Why ? because positivity attract positivity. More you will bring, communicate your perspective in a positive manner, more likely people will respond to your enthousiasm and the manner you think differently.

3.Face your fears.

Often without realising it, we stay away from big goals or playing big because we are our worst critic and adversary but when you dare face our fears, ask questions to your critic voice relentlessly until this voice will be speechless or confused by your will to dig deep into the roots of your fear. And gradually your loving voice will intervene, to support you, elevate you and demonstrate that you can do it.

4. Articulate your goals.

It’s good to have goals but it’s even better to see the path, the steps to reach it. This process involves to break down your goals into manageable chunks that you can complete it everyday to getting closer to your goal as well as giving you a sense of reality and achievement boosting your motivation to go high to reach your ultimate goal.

5.Tune into your emotions.

Your emotional intelligence is your compass, your guide to tell you what you are truly feeling with no filter. Either some ideas, lightbulb moments will resonate with you and some don’t. Either you will connect instantly with people and sometimes you will feel these relationships will be toxic for you. Your uniqueness is based on your emotional intelligence, listen to it to embrace joy as well as sadness to comeback from these experiences stronger, resilient and insightful.

6. Nourishment from the outside.

You have to provide to your body and mind what it need to stay healthy and alert. Read books, magasines, articles to open your mind and develop your growth mindset. Eat colourful foods, vegan sometimes as well as a treat to create balance in your diet combined with pleasure and taste. And find the workout you love to move your body and developing this brilliant mind-body connection.