May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein : Encouraging, Funky and Powerful !

“May Cause Miracles” : it is one of the books I have read daily and with a real pleasure. Why ? Because it is a self- discovery journey about you, your ego, your intuition and the relationship you have with your body, with money and others.

Yes, it’s look like an extensive program but the tone wise as well as funky and encouraging of Gabby truly motivate you to push further and to uncover your limiting beliefs, your illusions and beliefs. She is guiding you, holding your hand as well as letting yourself experience fully the discovery of your mind and deepest secrets.

She is a spiritual badass defining spirituality in her own terms and giving a refreshing, modern perspective of what is being spiritual nowadays. I learnt to embrace the power of Forgiveness which is bloody difficult (!) but with such a freedom effect and pure lightness that I dived into it fearlessly.

Until now I am still using some of the daily affirmations that truly shift my mindset and help me to change my perspective and be open to more miracles. Yes, a miracle in this book is having a shift in your mind resulting from what you are learning, witnessing and celebrating. If you want to know more about yourself and discover your spirituality, this book is definitely for you : encouraging, funky, meaningful and powerful, you won’t be disappointed at all if you are open-minded.

I truly recommend you to read, it is a must read to regain your balance. Honestly I cannot wait to read her new book ” Judgement Detox” out in January, we are spending too much time to judge instead of being focused on our goals. I will, of course tell you my thoughts about her new book very soon !

Have a great day beauties !


From Fiction to Non-Fiction, Ava Miles Continues To Empower Women !

No one has ever released seven books on one day in the non-fiction field and Ava Miles, international best selling author just realised this miracle with her guides to empower women entitled ” The Goddesses Guide to Being A Woman.” More known for her fiction series that I love, Ava Miles is making a big entrance in the non-fiction world with her goddess guides.

Each of the guide is providing guidance on a different topic for women to embrace their self, feminity with confidence, beauty and grace. The purpose of this series is to help women to be in alignment with their divine self and reclaim their power as modern women. It is a celebration of the essence of any woman to being, knowing herself to remove the old beliefs holding her to play small to finally embrace her uniqueness and fire up the light within her.

I am hesitant as to know which guide to read but I will definitely give it a try. Being a Goddess Woman is the life changing journey we need to truly make our life extraordinary. Stay tuned for my next review of one of these guides!

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Gabby Bernstein – The Universe Has Your Back

I have been intrigued by so many books in a short period of time that it took me some time to figure out THE book I will definitely read. I am still reading it, to be honest, a bit like ” The Power” because each time I open this book, synchronicity is playing in the background and the guidance I got is exactly what I need to read right now. It’s crazy right?! Crazy or not, honestly it does  not matter, what matters to me is to have the book, where each word will resonate with me, touch my heart to the point where I will surrender to open myself to new beliefs and possibilities.

The book pushing you to dig deeper and open yourself to a new level of understanding is ” The Universe Has Your Back” from Gabby Bernstein. It is not a traditional book, it’s more a modern guide to build your relationship with the Universe or God (whatever you want to call it) to live your life as you want with a fantastic Universal team behind you. Yes, He has our back and it’s time to know it to cultivate our happiness to bring what we want in our life. As simple as that.

This book is like a map into a world you always be more or less aware about it, but this time, you have a compass in your hands to guide you, to help you develop this connection with the Universe to find your direction. With meditation and prayers and plenty of personal stories… and let’s not forget a no bullshit attitude, Gabby is opening a door where it is time to be your own sunshine and fire up the light within you to be your authentic self.

In a nutshell, a fantastic self discovery, a journey to empower yourself and connect with your spirituality. It is for these reasons that I really recommend you to read this brilliant book !

The Power by Rhonda Byrne

I really need to speak to you about this book. You may know already the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne evidencing the law of attraction and how to use it at your advantage in your daily life to bring into reality your dreams in career, relationship and wealth.

Contrary to others, I felt more attracted by ” The Power” because I am seeking to empower myself, empower people all the time in different manners. What resonated with me is what is the ultimate power in our world, what is the common denominator to make my life, your life amazing ? And this book is giving you all the answers to these questions. There is more to it.

This book is giving you the formula to make your life extraordinary by understanding what is your power. From this point, the author is giving you the keys to remove negative emotions, to keep your frequency and how to turn events or circumstances the way you would like to be. For instance, the Law of Attraction is always playing a crucial role to manifest things for you.

It can seem pretty easy but this is not the case. As for everything you want to be good at, you need to practise and this rule applies for any guidance given in this book. What I can tell you is this book will have a tremendous impact on your life if you are willing to believe and give it a try.

I am close to the end  of this book and let me tell you, I am still gobsmacked by what I am learning. I bought this book because I feel that I needed to read this book to uncover new ways to live my life the way I want it to be. So far, I applied some of the guidance in my life and it truly works at high speed if, yes there is an if, if you let go of your scepticism and believe in it.

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The Moonlight Serenade by Ava Miles

A new book by Ava Miles entitled the Moonlight Serenade is out now and drum roll, attention, attention, Ava Miles is the maestra for creating beautiful and meaningful stories which captivate your attention and makes you feel alive.

This time it’s our chance to discover the start of the romance between Rhett Butler Baylock, poker player and Abbie Maven, the lady. Night and day, ocean and desert, Abbie and Rhett are so different that you would not expect that both of them will be attracted to each other… despite their differences a spark will ignite between them leading to this story that I am craving to read.

Sometimes love, romance and emotions are what we need to stay focus and cherish our loved ones. Sometimes a good romance is a good escape to let our mind having a break. I will give you my thoughts once I will end this book.

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The mysteries of body language and presence with Amy Cuddy

Everyday, we are more aware of the connection between the mind and the body. I am actually reading a book which illustrates perfectly this marvellous connection and what we can learn about it. I am learning that our gestures, our posture are a direct impact on our emotions and our feelings. And it is truly a revelation, to realise that your posture may inhibit or encourage yourself to participate more in classes, meetings, stand for yourself or speak in front of thousands of people.

I heard previously the term body language and I wondered for a long time what is really the meaning behind it. Is it exact that our body speak a language that everyone can understand without us being aware ? Yes and no. Yes, because even unconsciously our body convey our real feelings, emotions faced to various circumstances. No, because with ongoing learning, each of us can identify and modify our posture to fit with our intentions. Where it could seem complicated aft first to modify our body language, it is in reality feasible for all of us to do so. With the Ted Talk of Amy Cuddy, we can learn that some postures like Wonderwoman pose can empower ourselves, give us access to our personal power and be able to be our true self in challenging situations.

Deep down, I wanted to understand more, more about this beautiful language between mind and body, how this connection is starting, the details, and the impact of it. It is one of the reasons I am reading the book from Amy Cuddy “Presence” because I am passionated to know more about the intricacies of our mind, body and how ultimately to harness our personal power. To empower ourselves and being present in each situation and being our authentic self.

I am taking a lot of notes as well as highlighting paragraphs, sentences because this book is packed with insightful information about studies, discoveries and meaningful messages for my learning. I will definitely make a review of this book when I will finish it. Have a good evening !

Grit – The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duckworth

I finished to read Grit from Angela Duckworth. If you are looking to boost your motivation, develop your perseverance, understand the mechanisms, the spirit behind any achievement, I can’t recommend you enough to read this book. It is purely an explanation of the journey taken by Angela to understand  how we can nourish our perseverance and passion in order to become a master in grit. It is also a life changing book delving into the psychology of achievement and a real discovery and an intellectual asset if you aim to reach your goals.

There are different ways to boost your grit by dedication, deliberate practice, support and affirmation. It is not only learn how to self grow but also an enjoyable read to see that Angela also at times struggled to find her path and didn’t give up. It is also a fantastic discovery to help students be more gritty, keen to learn and succeed in their studies.

If you are looking to deepen your perseverance and your mindset, this book is a must read for you.

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Home Sweet Love by Ava Miles

This time, I decided to enjoy reading this book in peace. Yes in peace. No noise, screams and attention requesting my intervention. This time, I waited patiently to be in Eurostar on my way to Paris to enjoy the new book by Ava Miles “Home Sweet Love “.

And so far I am not disappointed at all.  To the contrary because I am taking my time to read it, I enjoy this story thoroughly during my “me time”. The story is brilliant because once again this is a beautiful illustration of the strength, vulnerability in each human being and our resilience to overcome setbacks or health issues. It is also a story highlighting the mind-body connection,  the power of healing and this is why I found this story more current than ever.

This connection is fundamental to know about ourselves and progress in self growth. We crucially need to be aware about it everyday to slow down and being in the moment. Sorry I digress but I am an advocate of the mind-body connection. Additionally this is a book which remind me that being at home, create a home for you and your loved ones is something essential in our daily life. We need to have an anchor where we can relax, cozy, being vulnerable and being loved. This is something alien to Chase Parker, famous entrepreneur focused on his career and who lost his home due to a fire in his childhood. Forced to rest due to a serious ski accident, will Chase be able to heal and accept his past to move on and find a new sweet home ?

I have to say, despite the emotional side of this story, I laughed outright many times in the train and meet the look of puzzled faces but I really didn’t give a damn! because it’s so funny , meaningful and romantic as well. It’s a sexy combination which makes this story so appealing. In a nutshell, if you want to escape and enter into the world of Dare Valley with Home Sweet Love, you will not regret it !

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Beau Taplin : his writing is pure beauty !

The first time I read his words, they just resonated in me, managing to get through my inner barriers and touching my heart. Either his words are melting chocolate for my mouth or beautiful, meaningful music to my ears.

At first, I thought that this talented person was not part of this world anymore when I realised my mistake by finding his profile on Instagram  and spending hours to read his poems, words, nice blend of meaning, emotion and so powerfully combined that my heart, all the time thrills by reading it. He creates a symphony of words, gentle music to my ears, giving me the ability to escape from routine to listen to my heart and acknowledge my deep hidden feelings. His writing is pure beauty.

If you are seeking a meaningful present for someone attentive, sensitive to words and delicate, his new book Bloom will exceed his/her expectations and will bring a genuine and happy smile to their face. This book is also on my Christmas list, after all it’s never too late to prepae one !

A extract of one of his poem, see below, enjoy !



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Island of Glass by Nora Roberts is out tomorrow !

Tomorrow is the release of the last book of the trilogy of Nora Roberts ” Island of Glass” and I am so excited about it !! I cannot really wait to read this book  because I fell in love with the first two books. I spoke to you about it a few weeks ago and I will try by any means to hide myself somewhere to read this book in peace, in my sofa with a nice hot chocolate or a cup of tea.

This book is a calling to escape your routine and for a well deserved cozy “me time”. Added to that, adventure, mystery and suspense with a perfect blend of humour and you have everything to spend some good time reading this captivated fiction in your home sweet home.

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