How To Bring Clarity In Your Life ?

Clarity is such an essential word to help us having a precise definition of what we desire. Nonetheless it’s not necessarily easy to bring clarity in your life don’t you ? Sometimes we just want to chill out, enjoy our weekend and let this idea of clarity in the dressing. Yes, we all did it!

But if we removed any tiny judgement we have to do this clearing job and decide for good to declutter our head, our mind ? to create the life we Love? Wouldn’t give you a try?

Contrary to what everyone asks us, let’s define what we don’t want in the themes dear to you. What you don’t want in your life right now ? Is it debt, conflict with your loved ones, health issues, noisy or toxic people, a bad manager, a fight with your best friend ? Lose money stupidly ? What is it ?

Take time to list anything coming in your mind. More you will let yourself dive into responding to these questions, more you will create space for what you want. Get out your fears, concerns, doubts is the catalyst for change because you are taking the courage to let them go by releasing them. And by doing that, you are in the process of empower yourself, BIG time !!

Why ? Because you create space for your desires, for your hidden, deepest desires, for your wishes, for the life you want to create, a life you LOVE. Everything you want becomes crystal clear in your mind, Adios complexities, the how, “the yes, but”, you’re just open the door for MORE and this is powerful my friend.

This exercise apply for any subject and remove any expectation, any pressure because this exercise naturally lead you to your desires. Jennifer Longmore, Gabby Bernstein and Andy Puddycombe used it to bring clarity in their mind. So my friends, what are you waiting for ?

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