Premium Streaming with Tracy Anderson : Let’s Give It A Try!

The streaming service with TA is for me pretty awesome, working out with her each week is amazing. What is even better is the launch of the Premium streaming. Tracy on her Instagram profile show us that she is working hard to provide more value, more content and even guidance from her experts. So, I have decided to give it a try.

I have nothing to lose, everything to win, the price is reasonable. Tracy is extremely professional and passionate to deliver high value content with always a strategy to create balance in our body. As you may know I am following her  method for ages and never, ever another workout helped me to have a feminine, toned and sculpted body. She is the best to empower the small muscles to design your body the way you want to if you are consistent.

This new Premium streaming promises to give us access to an exclusive content produced and presented by Tracy  with :

  • An intro video from Tracy
  • Monthly dance cardio routines
  • Muscular structure breakdown tutorials
  • Video recordings of Tracy’s in-studio Fireside Chats with her roster of leading doctors and experts
  • Exclusive recipes
  • Seasonal additions

The launch of the Premium streaming is on the 1st February. I will tell you more about it next week ! if you want to know more about Tracy Anderson Method, my previous posts are a perfect guide for any newbie. Have a great day beauties !

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