Celebrate Any Tiny Victory Every Day !

Today is my birthday and I have decided to celebrate any joy I am going to experience today. Whatever it is small, minor, big or phenomenal I will celebrate it with all my heart and be grateful for that.

By staying positive and resilient, I am going to focus on the lessons I am learning today and you know what ? Every day! It is easy to go back on autopilot and let our ego do the show and minimise our personal growth by focusing on the circumstances but we are not our circumstances.

We are so much more and by deciding to be what you want to be (in terms of identity) you will already just by decision feel a slight change in your attitude when facing adversity. You will know deep down that no matter what, you will succeed, reach your goals and where you dreamt to be.

By celebrating any tiny victory, you are giving a boost to your self esteem and it is excellent to write down these celebrations because at the end of the day, you will see that you are pretty amazing and blessed if you are making the effort to do it. You will feel valued, loved and supported. And THIS is the cherry on the cake !

Have a great day Sunshine !

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