Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein

Yes, it just arrived, exactly yesterday…and I have started to delve into it. What really pack a punch from the first lines of this book is the total honesty of Gabby being herself previously the one to judge all the time !

I started to think that for a spiritual author since a decade, judging is not  a good example for us and…BAM I started to judge her straight away, yes , just instantly like my mind was on autopilot to judge. Hum I am telling you if being judgemental is so ingrained in us, it is worth to understand the trigger of such behaviour to truly heal from it, being more compassionate and kind.

With Christie Marie Sheldon, I learned to do not judge and this simple guidance removed so many layers of negativity in my life that I am now immediately aware when my habit of judging is working.

What I really noticed is that we always judge without having all the details, the background to understand such attitude or behaviour…because it happen to me so many times to judge, to criticize strongly to finally feel guilty or ashamed when I learned the roots of such behaviour. So, with this is mind , just to see the impact of your judgement, just give a try to witness your judgements with kindness and remember that we never have the whole story.

I will make a review of her book and you will know if truly ” Judgement Detox” is transformational to heal your judgements habits.

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