2018 ? Are You Ready For It ?

Are you ready for it ? Today is the last day of December 2017. The day where you want to celebrate the upcoming New Year as well as think about what you experienced and learnt this year. Or let’s say what you want to change in your current lifestyle for more self awareness, discovery or personal growth ?

Firstly celebrate your successes this year, set  your intentions for 2018 and find your word(s).Yes, did you already think about your WORD(s) for 2018 ? Yes, the word or words you want to live into for 2018 ? I am going to find mine either by journaling or by using this free meditation Finish Strong, Start Stronger and exercise by Ziva meditation.

What I did, I had the opportunity to have a free reading of my birth chart with a fantastic Astrologer. My friends, having faith and determination is primordial, having the opportunity to know more about your future is an opportunity to do not miss. Because  if you trust yourself, particularly your intuition what you will ask would be a confirmation of your own feelings for 2018…and this is exactly what happened to me. If you can do it, do not hesitate, just do it.

Yes, we all agree 2017 has been a hell of a year for everyone, intense, challenging and shaking all of us big time. We all desire now for 2018 to be a year where we will claim our place in the world unapologetically and stay true to ourselves, where we can rise, shine and be the actor of our own life.

With this in mind let’s celebrate the end of an awakening 2017 to dive into 2018 full of promises, abundance and magic where our dreams will come true. I wish you all a fabulous and Happy New Year 2018 !!!!!


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