Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Creativity ? If Yes, Take A Nap !

I am always active, always learning, sharing or discovering but when this sinusitis attacked me, I really felt under the water and felt the strong need to rest.

Yes, for some, take a nap is the secret to perform and recharge your batteries for the rest of the day. I used to see one of my colleagues take a nap of 15 minutes in the middle of the afternoon and kick ass the rest of his day easily.

I am a morning person, so it mean that the earlier I woke up, the better because I can do all my morning rituals and feel balanced, positive for the day. However taking a nap changed my perspective and opened new doors to me. After this nap, I felt refreshed, more awake and really in tune with myself. I felt my body ready to go, relaxed and zen : I truly felt reinvigorated and with thousand of ideas, inspirations, it’s like your rest is the fuel for your creativity to blossom amazingly well.

It is, really, my friends amazing and confirmed by scientific studies. Sleep experts have found that daytime naps can boost creativity, increase alterness and attention and they are plenty of other benefits for your overall health. So, when I don’t manage to resolve an issue, I sleep on it which mean that I let my brain come up with a brilliant idea after a good and long night or nap and it’s really working and fast !

This simple solution of having a nap is such a key element to uncover so much creativity in us that we really need to sleep more ! So, if you can have a nap ,also have some digital detox during the day and particularly before to go to bed, you will master how to recharge your creativity for good !



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