How To Give Love to Yourself, Your Body and Your Mind : Use Coconut Oil Merchant !

It’s rare that I am falling in love with a product but this one is exceeding my expectations. It is in my bag all the time and It is a real multitasker. I use it to cook, to moisturise my hair and my skin, to prevent my lips being dry with the cold weather and the cherry on the cake it is natural, organic and affordable… and the quality of it is beyond your wildest dreams !

It slowly but surely changed my life and bring a little of tropical sunshine when cold, rain and flu are all over the place in my office. Small, pretty, my bambina de skin love it and myself, I am really amazed by the quality of it. Everyone knows it but to use all his properties is another matter, you have to make a place for it, give it his chance and you will be rewarded with benefits beyond your expectations ! This beauty is the small pot of Coconut Merchant that I bought at Stylist Live. And ladies, it’s the first time ever that I am using a rich, delicate, tasty coconut oil all over my body that I truly Love !

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