Dear Sister, I Wholeheartedly Support You

The patriarchy is not happy. But seriously who cares?! And it’s time for them to see the real truth. Women do not accept to be harassed, underestimated, diminished by their expectations, preconceptions or judgements. Women are ready to fight for equality, for their rights, for their body, for their health and define their uniqueness with bravery and boldness.

The time is coming where women support each other, unified by the same desire to live authentically,unapologetic about their choices, their decisions, their life.

A modern woman is a woman with a Wonderwoman mindset, she wants to make a difference in the world, embracing her difference and owning her power. She will relentlessly rise and overcome challenges because she is the one faced with issues to resolve daily. Everyone is expecting from her to do it because they know that women are peacemakers, good at finding new solutions or ideas.

However, this time, yes this time, the modern woman look around her and saw the absurdity of it all : before to resolve the problem of others, she has to deal with this ongoing issue, she must fight for her, for her voice to be heard, to be respected, to own her power and challenge the status quo for her rise.

Yes, it took us ages to realise that we have been educated the way people want to see us. Thankfully, our mothers, fathers instilled in us the fire to be strong, independent, empower ourselves to live the life we want. Now, more than ever, the world is your oyster if you decide to be. Dare to begin and now that I wholeheartedly support YOU.

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