How To Know That This Relationship Is The Good One ?

Sometimes it’s good to see, acknowledge what went wrong in a relationship, not to turn any discussion into a cat fight and try to respect each other. It seems like it’s far from easy for some to stay respectful and behave like adults when emotions are involved. Why it’s so tricky when feelings, lies, love, deceit are enterwined to not be damaged and leave this relationship ?

I am far to be the expert in relationships but I can’t prevent myself to try elevate people or friends when they focus on the lies instead of the facts. Objectivity and intuition are keys to truly know what’s going on, what are your deepest feelings and if this relationship make you feel good or bad.

With love comes trust. Trust is essential to build a strong and deep connection with your partner…and this is where the challenge lie because with love comes also respect. Respect for your partner, yes but most importantly in this case Respect for yourself. This is the key element to refer to when you have a gut feeling, a sensation, a pit in your stomach that something is not right.

When you feel disappointed, that you brushed off another detail that your intuition noticed, that you do not feel listened to or even appreciated. When you feel under pressure to satisfy someone instead of being accepted for who you are, Beautiful Souls it’s time to end this relationship. Don’t sabotage yourself by trying to save someone else.

A loving relationship is not a trap but is a safe place where you can go to. When this is not the case anymore, save yourself first and preserve your uniqueness. It’s time to reflect, to learn from this experience, to cry if you need to cry, to feel free if you realise that you gained back your independence and love yourself, love yourself even more unapologetically for being You.

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