What Do You Need To Cultivate Your Positive Attitude?

I am learning to keep my good vibes whatever it is happening to me , in a nutshell to identify the goodness in everything no matter what. To retain the good instead of focusing on the bad…and sometimes it’s hard work. Why ? Just look at the newspapers and you will be surrounded by bad, dreadful stories that will accentuate your fear, your anxiety and worries. It is unbelievable but true.

You start to speak with someone, a friend or a relative and the first thing coming out of their mouth is bad luck, stories or dreadful events happening to them, sadness, fear and self sabotage. Is this remind you someone in particular ? In this case, you understand what I mean.

Because I love my tribe, I always listen and particularly boost them to stay positive, to consider these events as challenges of life to become stronger, resilient. It is as simple as it is, either you accept to be a victim or a warrior. And the last option is the one I always choose, no matter what.

You have to decide. To decide to make a choice for life. TO FIGHT FOR LOVE. To trust that the Universe, God, Goddess, Source whatever you want to call it, this person is there for you and will be always on your side, the Universe has your back. You have to surrender your deepest fears, you have to make the choice to TRUST. You have to dare, dare to believe in yourself, in your abilities to be the best version of yourself and make your vision a reality.

Be grateful of what you have right now and persevere to cultivate your power to make your dream life a reality. Faith and Energy are key to unlock your potential. If you believe in yourself and you are opening yourself to new perceptions, just observe around you,  practice your awareness and you will see the signs showing you the next steps. The Law of Attraction is always not too far!

Credit featured picture : Designcollector


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