What Can You Do To Experience Pure Bliss ?

I did not use it. I did not open it… and it dramatically changed my day. More in tune with myself, observing the world around me helps me greatly to be in the present and enjoy each minute of my life differently. It’s like being on another dimension and realise that this one is the correct one, the one I need to connect to to find back my balance. Time is slowing down, no more bips, news, notifications everything around me look more interesting and real than ever.

I enjoyed looking at the sky, at the environment around me and to feel settled once and for all. This is what I experienced by not having Internet in my flat for two days. Let me tell you, it was pure bliss, detachment from the digital world to not be driven by it but instead taking back control. Pure, real and raw power to switch off technology around you to appreciate more your life. Pure, pure bliss that I would repeat as much as I can.

Credit featured picture : shopaudreylbd.com

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