Tracy Anderson London Vitality Week – Day 2 : Knowing Yourself

Amazing, amazing!!! No other words can express my joy and my gratitude to work out with Tracy Anderson and her fabulous team at London. Each of them is truly nice, kind and approachable.

Today, I was more at ease with the heat and the moves were even greater than yesterday. More close to where Tracy was, so I could have a better look of the moves.

The interrogation mark in all of our minds, I imagine is why putting so much heat and humidity and I was myself quite intrigued to know the rationale behind it. Tracy explained that our bodies naturally can survive in worse conditions. What she is trying to achieve is an environment where your mind, your body and yourself cannot escape from the workout. She wants you to be in the game, to be totally focused to perform the moves and this heat, humidity and loud music are keys to reach this level of focus and access to the flow of the moves. The moves are innovative, feminine and complex which require your muscles to be loose to respond appropriately to your demands and perform to the level they can be. It is mind blowing because you are pushing back your own boundaries constantly. When you see that all the ladies around you keep at it, sweat buckets of water like you, it give you THIS boost to push, to perform and to do better.

It is truly an experience to workout in this heated environment with moves challenging your muscles, your form and your mind. I think at times, when I understood the move straight away, I was able to create my own flow and it is priceless, you get in the flow and you are performing and you feel at your best.

All the girls from the second session were more used to the heat and truly enjoyed it. I like the fact that I was able to tap into my energy source to workout and enjoy this time with Tamily and Tracy.

I really resonate with the guidance from Tracy to find your own formula to know the  amount of exercise and level you can do : beginners, intermediate or advanced. Once you know what is your line (your level) to being in the game by showing up for yourself, and bring your own fairy ninja.

Additionally the key is to find the right balance between your eating, your workout to tap into the ability of your body and brain to burn more calories to either lose weight or to reach your balance. It is not necessarily easy but it’s worth to try and to find it. This search is definitely on my agenda from today to know more about my metabolism and my body. It it once again pushing your boundaries of what we know, we hear i.e. developing a growth mindset to learn about your metabolism and to truly earn the results of it.

When you are learning about her goals behind her method, you have a better understanding of what she is trying to achieve. For instance, she wants us to learn how to distribute our energy because when you look at the manner she is moving from a move to another one, you TRULY need to gain this awareness and try moving like an animal. She referred to a cat because such animal is so relaxed but can use instantly its body energy to attack, run or jump and this is what Tracy wants us to be. To tap in our body energy when needed, to develop our energy and cultivate it by moving daily.

She also advised that her streaming platform will evolve with a standing series. For her, the best of her method is the MC. With streaming, you can see the real her, in the studio, sweating and working out daily, it is truly her authentic self and she wanted for us to have access to that.

Once again, she advised that there is a strategy behind each move in MC, so better not to change the weights because it will destroy the intention behind the moves. In regards to this point, I stick to MC now because if I managed to do the Vitality Week, yes, the MC is perfect for me. However, it’s crucial to listen to your body, if you can’t do the moves, you can modify it until you will be able to do it. You can start without the weights as well if you truly don’t feel it. It is a question of balance between listen to your body and knowing what you can do. Tune in with your intuition, your inner voice to know what you can do. One thing for sure, when I am calming down my mind instead of freaking out, most of time my perseverance pays off. Completing one hour of TAM workout is the best way to feel energised, feeling like a million bucks and ready to kick ass your day.

I have no regrets at all to have attended this Vitality Week. It is worth the investment and I am even thinking to go to the second Vitality Week in London once her new studio will be ready to welcome us. Ladies, you have to attend it next time !

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