Headspace : The Savior Of My Mind

There are  some days when you are so overwhelmed by your emotions that you are truly struggling to keep it hold together. More you are trying to diffuse your pain by keeping yourself busy, more your sadness, anger or loneliness is holding you back in this emotional storm.

It is when you need someone or something to give you a hand, a friend, colleague, stranger that you have this lightbulb moment or your usual reminder to meditate with Headspace. This is what happened to me this morning. I totally grabbed this opportunity to let my mind calm down with the soothing voice of Andy Puddicombe.  I started to be aware of my breathing, to relax my body when breathing out and the concept of mini-meditations for breathe, restore or unwind completely transformed my state of mind. From agitated and uncontrollable my mind became calm and zen. Yes, just with these meditations.

It really helped me to start my day with the right mindset and zen attitude to face various pressures at work between deadlines, escalations and unexpected workload to be completed in two days, seriously sometimes better to step back and not to take it too seriously.

What I love also about Headspace is their new style and format : more interactive, more tailor made to your needs : you can jump from a package to another , choose the length of your meditations and give a try to new packages like Productivity.

There is a new Series section entitled Brave which comprise the package Regret, Anger, Change and Restlessness. I love the concept to help us train our mind in challenging situations and/or intense emotions. We truly need that now when you are so close to the edge sometimes without even realising it.

In a nutshell, innovation and novelty are included in the Headspace app and give you even more this impulse, this need to dig deeper to calm down, train your mind to be your best friend. I completely agree with you, it’s taking a lot of time, practice and consistency but the benefits of it are priceless. Just give it a try, you will not regret it !

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3 thoughts on “Headspace : The Savior Of My Mind

  1. As a heads-up, google.com isn’t considered an appropriate credit for an image. Google points you to the image, but it didn’t own or create it.

    It would have to be the exact URL to the picture, the company that originally used it, or the name of the photographer. If the image is used in a no-attribution licensing, then it doesn’t matter what you put.

    (I work in PR)

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