Lose The Plot Or Hold It Together ? The Soution : A Good Cry

When you feel ready to explode because you are accepting or taking too much shit in your life, it’s time to step back. Because deep down you feel disrespected, not listened to , frustrated by the state of things and trying to hold it together : with breathing, going outside to take some fresh air, in a nutshell break the cycle of your negative thoughts and unnecessary judgements.

This state of mind, most of the time is triggered by people, called in the Power by Rhonda Byrne as Personal Emotional Trainers because they have this fucking ability to push your buttons to make you lose the plot. It can be your family, your friend, your husband, a colleague ,an enemy or as simple as that a person with no awareness of what is respect or polite manners. And this is one of my triggers. Staying polite in front of such people is extremely difficult because you want to get these people out of your life illico presto. What I learned is not react, observe, analyse and to do not give an ounce of my emotional energy to these people. Easier said than done because this weekend, my patience has been tested e-very-day!!

I chose the option to hold it together , to rein my whirling and intense feelings of frustration, annoyance and anger for the sake of my daughter yesterday…but ultimately holding so much is not healthy. We need to let it go in private, have a good cry to release all of these negative and particularly powerful emotions. Yes, sounds horrible or weak for some, healing for others, a good cry is the solution in these cases. Let it go allow you to create space to analyse the situation, identify the root cause of the issue and find a solution. Most of the time, the solution is already in you but you need firstly to accept your feelings by acknowledging them, surrender to them to truly overcome this emotional storm. It’s not easy, nothing is easy but the pleasure to get out of  it is priceless.

You suddenly remember the punchy and funky music to lighten up your mood, all the blessings unnoticed since this morning, that you are doing what you love right now and you are feeling once again like a million bucks. Finally a good cry is nothing in comparison to this awesome feeling.

Credit featured picture : Malika Favre

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