Being A Mummy Is A Rollercoaster But We Love It !

I don’t know what got into her but she decided to do her vocalisations at 4am and I was lucky to be already awake. You think, of course, that I will manage to put my bundle of joy back to bed with a good cuddle and a lullaby ? you get it wrong… because my daughter is 4 years old now and she can say NO in different ways: by going back to bed but play hide and seek under the duvet or, or decide to be the future Adele…!!

Let me tell you, THIS is something not mundane for us mums. We are more ready, able to handle the situation graciously but it’s still taking time to recover from it. This did not stop me to do my Tam workout this morning but I listened to my body needs : only the beginner workout today.

I still need to manage my day and carve out some time to have a siesta today, I really need it, Ivam going surely to have this siesta with my bundle of joy in my arms, I love her so much ! Have a good day beauties !

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