Create Your Own Opportunities, Create Your Own Success, Create Your Own Life

Don’t wait for the right time, the right moment to jump in the unknown, stop thinking, analysing every detail just Do it! Your action will create consistent steps showing to the Universe/law of attraction that you are committed, passionate about what you want and it will respond to it if you believe, feel and act on it.
Your feelings are like antennas for the law of attraction to give us what we want, added to that positive and powerful thoughts and feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude and more you will attract opportunities leading to these feelings.

Do not judge situations, events or people because we are most of time completely ignorant of the rationale, details and background leading to such situation. Judging is a push towards more negative feelings and move on from it takes time. For this reason, I always listen to my intuition to be compassionate instead of judgemental and wait to know more about the truth. Such attitude help me to remain happy and grateful for everything in my life.

Create your own life. What does it mean ? It means being proactive to make your dreams come true, to take risks, to be more visible, shine your light, your passion to be seen and heard. So many of us are extremely talented but are blocked by limiting beliefs, fears holding us back. If you truly want to take the steps to create your own success, you have to get out and share your passion. Not selling, no sharing to help genuinely others and working gradually to remove these fears and old beliefs. Your willingness to change will allow you to rise and shine as you crave to and being supported by the Universe whether the purpose of your mission is to genuinely helping others.

So, you know what you need to do right now, send this email awaiting in your drafts for ages to create the opportunity you want, ask a meeting for the pay rise that you deserve, draft your first business card for your online business or take the plunge of travelling alone, whatever you dream to do it, you have the power to make it real, just Do It, it’s Time.

Credit featured picture : H&M

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