What You Give Is What You Receive

When you step back from your routine, take a minute to pause and realise the crazy pace in which we put ourselves into,  a stranger may think that we are lost the plot…especially people with a quality of life where slowing down, living in the moment and prioritise quality over quantity is the mantra.

Recently I needed a break to get back to a quieter pace of life and this change occurred naturally from the moment I decided to have a kick ass day, to focus on the positive and enjoy being in the moment. I stick to my decision, did my meditations and workout with Tamily and Tracy Anderson for 4 days and blessings blossomed around me daily.

I truly think that once you have good vibes, smiling and being nice, you attract your tribe, the people in the same state of mind than you and you enjoy even more your life. After all, the law of attraction is the scientific evidence that attraction is always in motion, so better to consistently focus on the positive, do not judge people and being grateful. Why ? because by doing that you will be happier, attracting more happiness, abundance around you. And I think this is everyone want, so it’s time to give to others what you would like to receive.

Credit featured picture : bigpicture.ru

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