Summertime : A Beautiful Shift

Il fait tellement beau que cela en devient incroyable …et pourtant c’est vrai, aujourd’hui everything look amazing : the weather, my mood and all the people surrounding me because the sun bring a shift, a subtle and permanent shift which is Dolce farniente.

The pleasure to do nothing, to just enjoy each tiny moment at the time fully and completely. Yes, with Summer comes picnic in the parks, sunglasses, vibrant style to exude our exuberance and true joy to feel the sun on our skin, the caress of the wind on our cheek and spread our happiness just by our smile.

I love Summertime where the weather is calling us to shine and bask in the sun totally unaware of the world around us. It’s peaceful, joyful and utterly blissful.

Credit featured picture : Bubby and Bean

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