Jolia is going to the Vitality Week to meet ? Tracy Anderson and the Tamily !!!!!!!

I am so excited guys that I am merely able to hold it together! I am practising this method for 7 years now, and in two days, yes !!! in 2 days, I am going to meet a group of fabulous, gorgeous women dedicated to their body, mind and soul like me. You know, it’s like you found your tribe and this is the BIG day when you will meet all of them !!

I am over the moon because not only I will meet Tamily (women dedicated to Tracy Anderson Method) but also the creator, the founder Tracy Anderson herself of this revolutionary workout which challenge my body every week. Yes, every week the workout change and man, I love it ! ❤️

❤️ You can feel your muscles working, your attention more focused and the energy that you can create by being challenged cleverly. Never I managed to find a workout before which managed to make my dream body come true, to become reality.

Not only you have the results but you are cultivating everyday your ability to practice, to have a consistency in what you are doing and to connect meaningfully with your body. It is priceless. And we need it more than ever. To take this time, for us, to connect with our mind and body and create a flow of positive and kickass energy.

I am so excited and thrilled by this that I am able to lose the plot in front of her due to the acccumulated anticipation to seeing her. I really need to take a grip right now… for the time being, honestly my frequency of joy is so high that nothing, I say, nothing will deter my positive energy and total happiness !

And of course, I will share with you my experience about this Vitality Week! Just one more day…!

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