Gabby Bernstein – The Universe Has Your Back

I have been intrigued by so many books in a short period of time that it took me some time to figure out THE book I will definitely read. I am still reading it, to be honest, a bit like ” The Power” because each time I open this book, synchronicity is playing in the background and the guidance I got is exactly what I need to read right now. It’s crazy right?! Crazy or not, honestly it does  not matter, what matters to me is to have the book, where each word will resonate with me, touch my heart to the point where I will surrender to open myself to new beliefs and possibilities.

The book pushing you to dig deeper and open yourself to a new level of understanding is ” The Universe Has Your Back” from Gabby Bernstein. It is not a traditional book, it’s more a modern guide to build your relationship with the Universe or God (whatever you want to call it) to live your life as you want with a fantastic Universal team behind you. Yes, He has our back and it’s time to know it to cultivate our happiness to bring what we want in our life. As simple as that.

This book is like a map into a world you always be more or less aware about it, but this time, you have a compass in your hands to guide you, to help you develop this connection with the Universe to find your direction. With meditation and prayers and plenty of personal stories… and let’s not forget a no bullshit attitude, Gabby is opening a door where it is time to be your own sunshine and fire up the light within you to be your authentic self.

In a nutshell, a fantastic self discovery, a journey to empower yourself and connect with your spirituality. It is for these reasons that I really recommend you to read this brilliant book !

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