31st August 2017 : Already ?!!?

I can’t believe that today is the last day of August. Ido remember perfectly when my colleague wanted to be o holiday during the first week of September and it looks at the time miles, miles away. Now, I do realise that September is just behind the corner and that Christmas and the end of this year is not too far.

So when I looked back to all the events we occurred during the first 8 months of this year : ongoing learning, lightbulb moments, wake up calls, meeting Tracy Anderson, my baby going to school !!! (already) and thousands of blessings in my life, 2017 is an awesome year. 2017 can be also for you the year of the wake up call, the crisis pushing your boundaries and destroying your limiting beliefs to change your perception and see all these opportunities waiting for you. Or better just create these opportunities by changing your mindset, have a positive outlook of life.

Most importantly, learn to know yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, what light you up, what are your desires to navigate your life the way you want. Own your achievements and embrace your uniqueness because this is what truly make you stand from any other person on this planet.

Working on yourself is the best investment you can do because you will reap all the benefits thousands of times, once you will see the results, you will be hooked by it and will desire more then anything to co-create your life with passion, enthusiasm and fantastic energy. So, let’s say that the next 4 months, we will work all together to make these months epic !!

Do We Really Need To Work Hard To Achieve Our Goals ?

We have been advised for ages by our parents, relatives and grandparents that working hard is key to make our dreams come true.

To make our vision a reality, we have to agree that  we need to generate a lot of energy to move things in the direction we want but deep down , is it really physically hard to make our dreams come true ? I don’t think so or depending of your goal. If you want to lose weight or have a toned and fit body, yes it is unsurprisingly that you are going to work, physically working hard. We all agree on this point.

But what about the other goals ? like creating your own business, travel around the world, being an artist or write a book, yes what about these kind of goals ? From my point of view, if you really believe in your vision and passionately want to make it true, this is not hard work, this is not a task or a job, THIS is crafting your future, make your passion your purpose in life, add meaning in your life by excelling at something to help people.

Being an expert in your subject will come with consistency and practice. More you will practice and more you will be good at it. Use the power of practice and consistency to create an habit beneficial for you.

Being gritty  (blend of perseverance and passion) is essential to brush off the no, the negative comments or judgements and create what you want to see and have in your life. It is much more inspiring and motivating to wake up everyday to develop your passion than thinking working hard.

Your motivation lies in the words we are using. Think passion, grit, purpose and you will have a spring in your step to get closer to your dreams. Think contacts, ideas, opportunities and you will continue to work on your passion relentlessly until your dream will become reality. You can do it.

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Lose The Plot Or Hold It Together ? The Soution : A Good Cry

When you feel ready to explode because you are accepting or taking too much shit in your life, it’s time to step back. Because deep down you feel disrespected, not listened to , frustrated by the state of things and trying to hold it together : with breathing, going outside to take some fresh air, in a nutshell break the cycle of your negative thoughts and unnecessary judgements.

This state of mind, most of the time is triggered by people, called in the Power by Rhonda Byrne as Personal Emotional Trainers because they have this fucking ability to push your buttons to make you lose the plot. It can be your family, your friend, your husband, a colleague ,an enemy or as simple as that a person with no awareness of what is respect or polite manners. And this is one of my triggers. Staying polite in front of such people is extremely difficult because you want to get these people out of your life illico presto. What I learned is not react, observe, analyse and to do not give an ounce of my emotional energy to these people. Easier said than done because this weekend, my patience has been tested e-very-day!!

I chose the option to hold it together , to rein my whirling and intense feelings of frustration, annoyance and anger for the sake of my daughter yesterday…but ultimately holding so much is not healthy. We need to let it go in private, have a good cry to release all of these negative and particularly powerful emotions. Yes, sounds horrible or weak for some, healing for others, a good cry is the solution in these cases. Let it go allow you to create space to analyse the situation, identify the root cause of the issue and find a solution. Most of the time, the solution is already in you but you need firstly to accept your feelings by acknowledging them, surrender to them to truly overcome this emotional storm. It’s not easy, nothing is easy but the pleasure to get out of  it is priceless.

You suddenly remember the punchy and funky music to lighten up your mood, all the blessings unnoticed since this morning, that you are doing what you love right now and you are feeling once again like a million bucks. Finally a good cry is nothing in comparison to this awesome feeling.

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Je l’entends rire et c’est la plus belle chose au monde

Je l’entends rire et ça me fait chaud au cœur. C’est comme une avalanche de joie qui descend sur moi et je ne peux m’empêcher de sourire. Ma fille est heureuse et c’est la chose la plus importante pour moi. Une fois qu’on est en weekend et que le soleil brille de mille feux,  on ne veut que ça des bulles de bonheur, de joie et de lumière qui se multiplient pour vivre, vivre, pleinement vivre.

Si mon rôle est de la rendre heureuse, la protéger et être un modèle pour elle, alors être mère me va comme un gant parce que c’est le job le plus dur et celui où on apprend énormément sur nous-mêmes, sur la vie et sur nos forces et faiblesses.

Sa joie réaffirme mon choix de vivre dans la joie et de me concentrer sur le positif, de voir plus haut pour prendre du recul et apprécier ma vie tous les jours avec mon amour de fille et mon homme. Bon week-end à tous !

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The Yin And The Yang Of Social Media

The danger of social media is to lose yourself into it. To be excited by the likes and seek for the next picture to attract so many likes. This is so in contradiction with my personality that it took me time to put myself in people shoes and to see the roots of this addiction.

Social media can bring you so much happiness and deep, genuine connection with like minded people to the point that when you meet them in person, it’s like you know them for ages! And this is truly where the beauty of social media is : creating meaningful relationships with people like you eager to share, to connect, to expand positivity and self growth attitude. Yes, when you know what you want from social media, you can turn this world into a bubble of genuine friendship, opportunities to share and serve people and so much more…

However, there is no point to hide the negative impact of social media : hate, verbal violence, trolls. Yes, this is the pure darkness of this world and where is light, there is also darkness. One instagrammer Luciana (me_versus_me_) said : ” I honour their messages by my indifference ” and I truly love the meaning, the power emanating from this simple sentence against this darkness. It’s like some people took the liberty to consider social media as the Pandora box to say whatever they want irrespective of the hurt, the pain, the violence they can create.

This is when you witness that, you start to truly believe that spirituality, faith and fight for love are more necessary than ever to reach a better balance where respect, love and honesty remain important values in our world. Social media can be used in two different manners, either to share and connect or to spread hate and ignorance. It is up to us to make social media our power or our ruin.

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From Fiction to Non-Fiction, Ava Miles Continues To Empower Women !

No one has ever released seven books on one day in the non-fiction field and Ava Miles, international best selling author just realised this miracle with her guides to empower women entitled ” The Goddesses Guide to Being A Woman.” More known for her fiction series that I love, Ava Miles is making a big entrance in the non-fiction world with her goddess guides.

Each of the guide is providing guidance on a different topic for women to embrace their self, feminity with confidence, beauty and grace. The purpose of this series is to help women to be in alignment with their divine self and reclaim their power as modern women. It is a celebration of the essence of any woman to being, knowing herself to remove the old beliefs holding her to play small to finally embrace her uniqueness and fire up the light within her.

I am hesitant as to know which guide to read but I will definitely give it a try. Being a Goddess Woman is the life changing journey we need to truly make our life extraordinary. Stay tuned for my next review of one of these guides!

Learn more about the series at https://avamiles.com/goddess-guides/

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