Joy, Positivity And Zest For Life with ? Christie Marie Sheldon !

I am in awe of the different meditations I have the opportunity to discover. As you may know, I love and preach the use of the Headspace app because it help me so much to find my own peace with my mind and with others. Learning to be patient, to slow down the run of my random thoughts, distance myself from my thoughts really change my perspective to life and what are my priorities.

Recently I learned more with Marisa Peer and discovered the meditations of Christie Marie Sheldon by virtue of Mindvalley Academy. Christie Marie Sheldon is a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer and Medium and she created a program focused on manifesting Abundance in your life. She is a firecracker and a real gem because she truly wants to empower people, make people happy by understanding their own power, harness it to make their life extraordinary. I truly like her : her joy, positivity and zest for life is intoxicating and contagious. Being around people like her or benefiting from her knowledge is invaluable.

I am currently enjoying her morning meditation and I cannot have a day without it. It is my passport to kick ass my day, keep my frequency of joy and happiness and spread my vibes to feel like a million bucks around me, it’s tonic, dynamic and invigorating and…I LOVE it ! It is for this reason that I needed to share it with you, her meditations are a real gem and everything she created is truly awesome. Most importantly, if you are ready to truly know your power, take charge of your life, then Christie Marie Sheldon is the person for YOU.

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