Neom Organics : My Lifesaver In This Frenzy World

It’s rare for me to provide a review but this time I decided to do it because I need to share my joy to have discovered Neom Organics. This brand is creating exceptional and purest products which literally blow my mind by their efficiency, beauty and purity. I cannot live without the Discovery Scent kit which is my life saver when I am ready to lose the plot. The smells are divine and the Home Mist (Scent to Make you Happy) is pure bliss in a bottle, uplifting my mood, made me smile instantly and enjoy more the small pleasures daily. It is THE product that any woman need to stay positive and happy.

Additionally the Discovery Scent kit is brilliant to identify your wellbeing need particularly when you feel tired, down, moody and out of sync. Sometimes we are so deep in this frenzy pace of life that we lost connection with our body and mind, we lost touch with the signs that our body and mind are sending to alert us that we are unbalanced. But with this kit, we have at last the opportunity to find the roots of our unbalance and therefore find the solution to resolve it. It is life changing, a precious help to protect and preserve our overall wellbeing.

It is for these reasons that I trust this brand to bring my wellbeing back to balance and harmony. Recently, I was looking to create my own spa experience with a nice bath, relaxing music and soothing light. It came as no surprise that Neom Organics pop in my mind as the brand to trust to create this blissful experience. I bought the candle Scent toDe-Stress, formulated specifically with 100% natural fragrances and 24 of the purest possible essential oils particularly chosen with the aim to eliminate stress and bring calm to the mind and body. And it really works. Each time, I feel myself stressed, or rushed, or going on autopilot, I just smell the candle, and just the smell of it slow me down, soothe me in a incredible manner to go back to my self, to my awareness and be grateful for what I have. I am in love with this smell because it is truly a fantastic product to stay yourself in this frenzy world. I sincerely recommend you to try, the smell is heavenly and such a therapeutic tool for peace and being grateful.

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