Building An Healthy Relationship With Your Body

It took me some time to get back to it. It’s good to learn about the mind, discover new meditations but, but when my body start to be sore due to lack of intense and regular workout, I knew it’s time to get back to it.

Not only my body crave for it but I wanted to have my good sweat sessions to detox my body and my mind. I wanted to feel the effect of the pheromones and be invigorated and energised. I spent a lot of time meditate and the effects of it have been life changing. But connecting with my body daily is also a must…and this is where you identify/ recognise your needs/ your passions that deep down you need to make time for what you love. I love writing and learning and it involve being organised to keep a flow of positivity and not feel bad to have missed doing something.

It is a struggle to find balance between our needs, expectations and self care. It’s taking time, planning, flexibility and kindness to reach our milestones. Most importantly this is where it is crucial to break your goals : having small, intermediate goals will allow you to reach your ultimate goal without any feeling of guilt or shame.

As any person, I need to feel that I am moving forward my goals, whatever the steps are small or big, the most important is to have the feeling to getting closer to your dreams.

So with this is mind I am back to move my body with Tracy Anderson to feel alive, dynamic and energised. This is not a race, this is a commitment to connect with my body in a healthy manner to feel good. And I have another motivator… I will tell you more about it next week! Have a good day beauties !

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