London : My City

Going on holiday to see something different, breathe some fresh hair and experience a quieter pace of life is great. But you know what ? I am happy to come back to London, where there is always something to see, to do, to try. I like the choice we have to explore, experience and discover new ways of living or entertaining.

I really appreciated to go back in France seeing my family and friends. I needed to spend time with them and gives them a little bit of ooomph to their days. But I miss the beat of London, everything was more calm, quiet, relaxing but I was not in the mood to slow down so much.

I wanted living in the moment, being in the present and enjoy my time with everyone, in a nutshell bring to them positives vibes, encouragement,energy and take it easy to realise the chance they have to enjoy their life. Sometimes we are so caught up  in our thoughts that we lose the essence of life : being grateful. Being able to boost the energy of my loved ones, bring to them sunshine and light is something I am doing naturally and generously.



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