Ziva Meditation : The Best Meditation I Have Ever Tried !

I am still shocked by the results of this meditation, it is super quick, easy to follow and truly effective. I really didn’t expect these results because I was intrigued by this Masterclass with Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva meditation but honestly a bit skeptical.

I meditate on a daily basis, it is something not negotiable in my life like brush my teeth or clean my skin every morning, it help me to start the day with good vibes and intentions to make my day fantastic by being kind, patient and keep my frequency high.

So, I was intrigued by the message of Emily Fletcher and decided to attend online this Masterclass yesterday. I was tired but noticed the values of the Ziva meditation based on neuroscience studies to release stress and fill your reservoir of adaptation energy. Adaptation Energy is the ability to handle changes in expectations, in a nutshell  unpredictable events and/or circumstances testing your balance.

I also took part to a 15min meditation with Emily Fletcher right before the end of the Masterclass but I was too tired to really see the impact of it. It’s only this morning, waking up in a cranky mode that I did this meditation again to see if this meditation is useful. I felt a shift in my body and my energy pushing me to go back to sleep which I did.

I slept like a baby, like I was waking up after a few days on holiday, feeling truly rested and peaceful. I woke up revived, energised and invigorated. The reason why I am sharing my experience is because the benefits of this meditation have been so fast, so powerful and so mind blowing that I really needed to share my story with you. Should you suffer of any sleep issues, THIS meditation is for YOU. I didn’t even know that I had sleep issues or needed to sleep more.

From what I read, Emily Fletcher, the founder of this meditation is a renowned Meditation teacher which brought to the world a modern meditation method that you can truly integrate in your daily life to perform better and be a magnet of the good things you want in your life. In any case, it works fast and is super efficient, so don’t be surprised if Ziva meditation is a subject coming back in my articles because THIS meditation is pure gold in your hands !!

The Masterclass is available on Mindvalley and free until July 11th. Grab this fantastic opportunity to make a dramatic change to your life ! Near the end of the Masterclass, you can purchase the M Word program created by Emily Fletcher at a special price. This is a ‘Thank You Gift’ Mindvalley provide to the Masterclass attendees. Don’t miss it !

Credit featured picture : Mindvalley Academy

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