Mois: juillet 2017

Cash Out – Calvin Harris feat. ScHoolboy Q, PARTYNEXTDOOR & D.R.A.M.

A need to escape, to feel in power, to make your life more colourful, vibrant and full of potential ? Yes, in one minute, you can get all these feelings with THIS song. This is one of my favourites of Calvin Harris because wherever I am, I will move my body because this song light me up like no other one. Enjoy ! Credit featured picture : Pinterest

And If It’s Time To Invest In Yourself ?

« Keep up the good work!  » This was the end of her unofficial review for mid year and she couldn’t prevent herself to notice that her manager has big projects for the rest of the year. Somewhere in the ocean of words that her manager was saying a few minutes ago, a realisation came upon her :  » big projects again ? really ? Why I invest my time, my energy in this job and not for me ? » Gradually during all the day, she felt that she didn’t want to be only good, she wanted to make a difference in people lives, heal them by empowering them and fire up the light within them to make their life extraordinary. She was thinking that if she has to give her energy for this company, it’s time to make the investment of her life, take a leap of faith and set up her own business. To overcome her fears and make her voice heard. To live in line with her purpose and feel fulfilled for good. …

Be Happy Now !

It’s rare, it’s blissful but when your Friday is great from the start to the end, you have to thank God and the Universe for that ! Good vibes, meetings with laughter, nice lunch to the Parlour with a glass of Pinot noir is what we call a fantastic Friday ! Because when is Friday, it’s time to chill out, trust as Gabby Bernstein said that the Universe has your back and spread your joy to feel like a million bucks ! Yes, yes, yes !! So today no time to dwell on the past, mistakes or  sad events, just enjoy your life, enjoy your time with no boundaries, after all life is short isn’t it ?! Be happy now , be thankful and grateful and fire up this energy within you to create your own happy life !

Une pause bien méritée

J’adore ralentir le rythme de ma vie, de mes pensées pour réaliser ce qui se passe autour de moi. Plus j’essaye de profiter du moment présent et franchement, je vais vous le dire mieux c’est. Quand je suis en France, je me sens pleine de vitalité et de dynamisme comme si l’air est différent, le rythme est plus dolce farniente que ce soit dans les grandes villes ou à la campagne. Les gens prennent leur temps de manger, de boire, d’apprécier la douceur de vivre et ça fait du bien. A Londres, cette douceur de vivre existe mais vous devez apprendre à être réceptif pour l’avoir et en profiter pleinement. Elle est présente si vous arrêtez de courir, d’être stressé et de vouloir à tout prix rattrapez ce petit malin appelé le temps. C’est à ce moment-là que vous pouvez en jouir pleinement, l’inviter chez vous dans votre regard et dans vos pensées…et nous en avons besoin n’est-ce pas ? Alors si vous sentez que là c’est trop, que vous êtes au bord du craquage, …