The Power by Rhonda Byrne

I really need to speak to you about this book. You may know already the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne evidencing the law of attraction and how to use it at your advantage in your daily life to bring into reality your dreams in career, relationship and wealth.

Contrary to others, I felt more attracted by ” The Power” because I am seeking to empower myself, empower people all the time in different manners. What resonated with me is what is the ultimate power in our world, what is the common denominator to make my life, your life amazing ? And this book is giving you all the answers to these questions. There is more to it.

This book is giving you the formula to make your life extraordinary by understanding what is your power. From this point, the author is giving you the keys to remove negative emotions, to keep your frequency and how to turn events or circumstances the way you would like to be. For instance, the Law of Attraction is always playing a crucial role to manifest things for you.

It can seem pretty easy but this is not the case. As for everything you want to be good at, you need to practise and this rule applies for any guidance given in this book. What I can tell you is this book will have a tremendous impact on your life if you are willing to believe and give it a try.

I am close to the end  of this book and let me tell you, I am still gobsmacked by what I am learning. I bought this book because I feel that I needed to read this book to uncover new ways to live my life the way I want it to be. So far, I applied some of the guidance in my life and it truly works at high speed if, yes there is an if, if you let go of your scepticism and believe in it.

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