Helping In Thought, In Spirit, Materially To Fight Fear

How can we balance the storm of intense emotions when you hear that people are currently trapped in a building on fire for hours ? I went to buy my breakfast where I am living. People are going to work, eating their breakfast on terrace, in a nutshell getting on with their lives. This is brave and sometimes like today disconcerting. I am just wondering how people can get on with their lives like nothing happened… but each of us act differently when adversity comes to our door.

I heard these news this morning and instantly saw these people trapped asking for help, desperate to get out of their flats and I couldn’t take it anymore. I just let my sadness flow and I started to cry uncontrollably because… I am hearing a lot of bad news for my friends, for others and I try to remain in a place of Love.

It is when these events smack you in the face, early in the morning that you cannot hide your deepest feelings. Whatever is sadness, anger, pain, this is when I feel these emotions, I feel myself on the verge to be engulfed by fear that my inner voice intervened. This is where I pray, I want to help, donate, contribute to help people in pain and in distress. And it helps because I focus on the better, on our collective consciousness to help, to take part to make a difference. Yes, this event is horrendous but please don’t fall in the trap of fear, elevate yourself by helping in thought, in spirit, materially to contribute to the healing of these persons.

Credit featured picture : Etsy

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