A Simple Tool That Will Change Your Life ? Oh Yes, There Is One, Let Me Tell You

I have so much to do… I could hear this sentence in my head like a mantra today, more I emailed back and more I was receiving emails… Was it me trapped in this busyness mode or was I really bombarded by requests ?

Not easy at all to identify what you are experiencing particularly when you cannot prevent yourself to be emotionally affected by the tone or the type of queries you can receive. I was trying to keep it cool and cheer but I could feel my  tolerance decreasing minute by minute…and let me tell you, I am REALLY easygoing. But recently I learned something so simple and big that it transformed my life dramatically. I litteraly practised it daily, stopping the flow of my inner  negative voice and stopped judging people. Yes, because when you do that, you attracting to you everything you don’t want : criticism, complain, blame, anger in a nutshell negativity.

Negativity has its pro and cons but has to be managed carefully. If you are aware of it, and you know the impact on your life, either you will act to change it to make your life better or acting like a victim.

Let’s go back to this simple and fantastic tool : no judgement. When you apply this principle every damn day, it’s (I am not going to lie, bloody hard!!) but when you start to get the hang of it, it’s bloody miraculous ! You keep your good vibes,  your enthusiastic energy and you are more compassionate because instead of judging, you do realise that you have no clue the degree of pressure that people have in their life or if they have personal/health/professional issues.

Your perspective of life and the life of others shift to be more harmonious and peaceful. You only focus on the good. As a result your good vibes are attracting people, news, opportunities, circumstances matching your frequency and your life start to be truly amazing.

Next article, let’s discuss of the balance between love and objectivity, something to truly keep in mind. Take care beauties !

Credit featured picture : Image Amplified

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