How To Regain Your Balance

Busyness and rush is the must have in our society and in many corporations. Unsurprisingly many people feel burnout, have a breakdown or go on a sick leave for stress. When we are all aware of the danger of performance and productivity, it’s taking time, research and reflection to move from this mentality and connect with our inner self.

What I mean is to dig into us to truly see what is our purpose, what we want to achieve each day. Purpose is recently used by a lot of life coaches or spiritual leaders to help us to find our joy for life. Having a purpose is like seeing the ultimate reason of your actions daily and remain motivated to pursue your dreams to reach this purpose. However, let’s not forget that we are all human beings with strengths and weaknesses, it is essential to find a balance between our goals and our health.

Having a purpose or having goals is beneficial for your self esteem and confidence, feeling that you are moving forward BUT as an individual, you need most importantly to respect yourself.

Respect yourself is to know where it’s time to work towards your goals or take a break to relax. This is why I call Respect. Respect for you as an human being when you feel that you are acting on automatic mode, without any awareness of your thoughts or acts, in a nutshell act on autopilot.

This is where Respect is the word to stop in your tracks. To make you realise of your whirling thoughts and the impact they can have on you. To realise what you are doing to your mind, your body and your spirit. Respect is the ultimate way to fully regain your balance.

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Un retour au minimalisme pour une peau éclatante de santé

J’ adore chouchouter ma peau avec des crèmes performantes, adaptées pour ma bambina de peau et pomponner ma peau pour qu’elle reste magnifique. Mais récemment ma bambina de peau m’a fait une crise de ras le bol comme si la chouchouter autant était de trop. Des que j’essayai un nouveau soin pour peau sensible , ma dear bambina réagissait au quart de tour !

C’est ainsi que j’ai décidé de la laisser tranquille c’est à dire de seulement la nettoyer, l’hydrater et un point c’est tout ! avec et seulement des soins naturels que vous pouvez trouver dans votre cuisine et salle de bain : huile d’olive, huile de noix de coco. Oui j’ai eu recours au naturel et j’en suis ravie. Pourquoi ? Parce que c’est sain, efficace et pas cher. Je suis retournée vers mes huiles phares pour embellir ma peau (corps et visage) et vous savez quoi ? Ce n’est que maintenant que j’ai réalisé que ma bambina de peau est en pleine forme, rayonnante, apaisée et uniforme. Thanks my God for that !

Je suis toujours les nouveautés, l’arrivée de nouveaux soins avec leur promesse d’être plus efficace que toutes les autres mais cela ne m’attire pas. Plus du tout parce que quand votre bambina de peau à la pêche avec des huiles naturelles, la nouveauté ça vous passe vraiment au-dessus de la tête ! Je pense que c’est vraiment ce dont nous avons besoin: du naturel, du résultat pour une peau éclatante de santé !

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A Time for me Where Time is my Ally, not my Enemy

At last ! Yes, I am coming back in France for a few days and I cannot wait particularly because this time, I am travelling alone, like a single person on my own. No kids, no hubby and I am thrilled by it. Because it is one break I need. To recharge my batteries. To embrace this “me time”, to see my family and friends.

To rest and sleep for hours without interruption. And you know WHAT ?I do not feel ANY guilt about it because I love being a mum, a wife but ultimately I like being a woman on my own. Enjoy simple things. Being alone with my thoughts. Use this time to reflect, think and live in the moment with no stress, no pressure, no deadlines. A time for me where Time is my Ally, not my Enemy.

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I Am Still Standing by Taron Egerton in SING

I truly think that music more than anything else, when we are down is miraculous to uplift our mood, see the truth and give us the freaking energy to stay strong and believe in ourselves. Enjoy !

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The Power by Rhonda Byrne

I really need to speak to you about this book. You may know already the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne evidencing the law of attraction and how to use it at your advantage in your daily life to bring into reality your dreams in career, relationship and wealth.

Contrary to others, I felt more attracted by ” The Power” because I am seeking to empower myself, empower people all the time in different manners. What resonated with me is what is the ultimate power in our world, what is the common denominator to make my life, your life amazing ? And this book is giving you all the answers to these questions. There is more to it.

This book is giving you the formula to make your life extraordinary by understanding what is your power. From this point, the author is giving you the keys to remove negative emotions, to keep your frequency and how to turn events or circumstances the way you would like to be. For instance, the Law of Attraction is always playing a crucial role to manifest things for you.

It can seem pretty easy but this is not the case. As for everything you want to be good at, you need to practise and this rule applies for any guidance given in this book. What I can tell you is this book will have a tremendous impact on your life if you are willing to believe and give it a try.

I am close to the end  of this book and let me tell you, I am still gobsmacked by what I am learning. I bought this book because I feel that I needed to read this book to uncover new ways to live my life the way I want it to be. So far, I applied some of the guidance in my life and it truly works at high speed if, yes there is an if, if you let go of your scepticism and believe in it.

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A Scent To Make You Happy : Neom Organics Is A Must Have

This is the scent that my mind and body need. Instantly the smell of this Home Mist revives me and uplift my mood. I can feel my frequency raising up gradually and I am literally bathing in this powerful scent. Aromatherapy is the must have right now. Why ? Because if you want to have a cheerleader to kick your ass, gives you some oomph for the day, this range of scents is remarkably brilliant. To tell you, I cannot live without it. I need my daily dose of happiness to get on with my day and spread my enthusiasm and positivity to everyone.

What is particular is that the Scent Discovery Kit is a precious ally to identify my wellbeing need. Between work, family life, appointments, personal commitment and other responsibilities, it can be tricky to keep track of your wellbeing so focused we are sometimes to make our family and others happy. Neom Organics, as a branch with a holistic approach is a good reminder to love yourself and to make time for yourself. We need to restore our energy, our joy for life with beautiful, quality and 100% natural products to feel our best.

Additionally, Neom Organics has created ebook guides which provide a ton of tips, advice to make small changes in your life and change your life tremendously. Actually, I am lacking energy and I am trying one step at the time to apply these changes to feel energised and ready to kick ass my day. I really encourage you to look at their website and try to get a copy of their guides, it is honestly a positive and holistic manner to help us each day enjoy our life as we should be.

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Helping In Thought, In Spirit, Materially To Fight Fear

How can we balance the storm of intense emotions when you hear that people are currently trapped in a building on fire for hours ? I went to buy my breakfast where I am living. People are going to work, eating their breakfast on terrace, in a nutshell getting on with their lives. This is brave and sometimes like today disconcerting. I am just wondering how people can get on with their lives like nothing happened… but each of us act differently when adversity comes to our door.

I heard these news this morning and instantly saw these people trapped asking for help, desperate to get out of their flats and I couldn’t take it anymore. I just let my sadness flow and I started to cry uncontrollably because… I am hearing a lot of bad news for my friends, for others and I try to remain in a place of Love.

It is when these events smack you in the face, early in the morning that you cannot hide your deepest feelings. Whatever is sadness, anger, pain, this is when I feel these emotions, I feel myself on the verge to be engulfed by fear that my inner voice intervened. This is where I pray, I want to help, donate, contribute to help people in pain and in distress. And it helps because I focus on the better, on our collective consciousness to help, to take part to make a difference. Yes, this event is horrendous but please don’t fall in the trap of fear, elevate yourself by helping in thought, in spirit, materially to contribute to the healing of these persons.

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Tori Kelly – Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing

I heard this song five minutes ago and it stop myself in my thoughts, this song resonated so much in me, feelings of hope, joy, excitement and happiness flood cascade through me and I felt my feelings rise, rise, rise… to bring a real smile on my face. Enjoy !

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