Do You Really Know What You Truly Want ? If Not, It’s Time To Reflect

I missed writing and reading all the posts from the persons I follow. It’s a lot to commit to you but when what you are missing is a passion in your life, it’s never too much to the end. So, yes I have been more busy than usual at work, juggling between different projects and the insanity of some new systems. Apart from that, I managed to navigate smoothly through this storm and we are close to meet our targets well before the deadline, so everything look good.

I had a fed up crisis of the astronomical number of apps to our availability and that we are using. I mean, I understand some of us love to control everything or feeling in control of their diet, fitness to reach their goals, however from my point of view, I really feel disempowered to give so much power to all this technology. Practical, efficient or easy to use ? Yes, maybe but I truly feel that we should get back our power, choose which kind of lifestyle we want without sabotaging our diet, fitness or mind.

I also can hear from many people that the traditional way to work is outdated. Working for a company, or a corporate company does not give us the opportunity, flexibility that many people aspire to. Unsurprisingly these people quit their jobs, change their career or create their own business to live the life they want. It is a calculated risk , an adventure and a fantastic way to be happy on their own terms.

Ultimately reflection and reflexion are the keys to realise what you truly want. Take the time to ask you the good questions : Do you love your job ? Do you love your lifestyle ? Are you seeing your friends and family often ? Do you manage to  make time for yourself ? Do you truly enjoy your life ? If you are feeling hesitant, unsure and unsettled about the above questions, it’s time to take a break and reflect.

Credt featured picture : adoreness


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