When I Have it, My Frequency of Happiness Touch The Sky !

I was waiting for it, impatient to have it because I cannot get enough of it. I mean, having it in my letterbox every month is pure bliss and joy ! This is a celebration of happiness, good mood with improvised dance in my kitchen to express my excitement to feel like a million bucks when I have it in my hands. One time it didn’t come as usual and it practically ruined my day…for me to reverse the situation and buy it illico presto to enjoy it at last.

I think it’s the first time ever I am so overjoyed, happy to know that with it, I am going to learn more about myself, discover new ways to be stronger, wiser, happier and share their new ideas with my tribe and you. It is truly, because of it, start a new adventure where growth mindset and self care are essential for being myself and keep my curiosity for ongoing learning and authenticity.

And what is amazing it does not stop to impress me. The quality of the content, the relevance of the subjects are always perfecto like they know that this is what I need to hear, read right now to find peace within myself, a kind of confirmation that what I am doing right now is well thought and smart.

So, who is it ? and I will tell you immediately : it’s the remarkable magazine Psychologies UK edition that I truly adore !! I just received it today and my frequency of happiness touched the sky straight away, I needed to share this with you and the cherry on the cake : never, ever have I been disappointed by this work of art, quality and beauty. If you want to unlock your potential and explore new ways of self discovery, Psychologies is the magazine for You!

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