Meditation And Self Care, My Saviors To Find Back My Balance

Always my savior when things unravel,  when I can feel that I am getting impatient, snapping, reacting instead of observing and act accordingly.

Yes when I feel that my inner patience is not attainable, I  know that I need to meditate, to become centred, more aware and see what are the real reasons of my increasing impatience.

Sometimes like yesterday it’s just the feeling to juggle so many things that lead me to lose my cool. Between work, food shopping, play and look after my bundle of joy, prepare the dinner and find 5 minutes to eat, I really felt that setting up boundaries is necessary to keep my sanity…and meditate to get back my dear balance.

In these moments,  we really need to stop running and this is what I did. I sat down and ate, I took the time to do it and my daughter got it and played alone for a few minutes…and this is only what I needed, a few minutes for myself to slow down for awareness and mindful eating. I also wrote my gratitude list and by doing so, I realised that I had a fantastic day and it was only depending of me to keep it that way. We have to make the choice either to run or to stop. In my case, stopping multitasking was the best thing ever because it was unproductive and self destructive for my self esteem. But this is where we all have this ability to get back on our feet, focus on the positive, be grateful and see clearly what our life is : extraodinary, exciting, challenging with so much love.

So if you feel like you are losing control, stop what you are doing, take a break, meditate, go outside, do something you love and write your gratitude list. I am 100% sure that you will feel much more better after this well-deserved break for your self care.

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