What are the 5 Keys To Unlock Your Potential?

What is Potential ? What is having access to your full abilities and rise from it ? We often heard about this term but the meaning behind it lead to understand 5 elements/keys to truly unlock it.

1.Learn being aware of your thoughts. Change your thinking process.

Potential is releasing what you are able to do. This stage involves to go through an awareness of your thinking process, to make time to meditate and see clearly your thoughts. Being aware of your thoughts helps you to differentiate, to distance yourself from them but also to make a “daily spring cleaning” to transform your negativity into positivity, see your vision and what’s bothering you to sort it out.

2.Positivity attract positivity.

Once you are able to see the positivity into your thinking process, you will be able more freely to think outside of the box, to ask questions and challenge the status quo. Why ? because positivity attract positivity. More you will bring, communicate your perspective in a positive manner, more likely people will respond to your enthousiasm and the manner you think differently.

3.Face your fears.

Often without realising it, we stay away from big goals or playing big because we are our worst critic and adversary but when you dare face our fears, ask questions to your critic voice relentlessly until this voice will be speechless or confused by your will to dig deep into the roots of your fear. And gradually your loving voice will intervene, to support you, elevate you and demonstrate that you can do it.

4. Articulate your goals.

It’s good to have goals but it’s even better to see the path, the steps to reach it. This process involves to break down your goals into manageable chunks that you can complete it everyday to getting closer to your goal as well as giving you a sense of reality and achievement boosting your motivation to go high to reach your ultimate goal.

5.Tune into your emotions.

Your emotional intelligence is your compass, your guide to tell you what you are truly feeling with no filter. Either some ideas, lightbulb moments will resonate with you and some don’t. Either you will connect instantly with people and sometimes you will feel these relationships will be toxic for you. Your uniqueness is based on your emotional intelligence, listen to it to embrace joy as well as sadness to comeback from these experiences stronger, resilient and insightful.

6. Nourishment from the outside.

You have to provide to your body and mind what it need to stay healthy and alert. Read books, magasines, articles to open your mind and develop your growth mindset. Eat colourful foods, vegan sometimes as well as a treat to create balance in your diet combined with pleasure and taste. And find the workout you love to move your body and developing this brilliant mind-body connection.

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