Zara : A Gift to Recharge Your Creativity

A calling to all the people in love with beauty, design and shopping, I am in heaven right now walking inside Zara and I am feeling goooood !!

I don’t even want to buy, to enjoy some shopping therapy because I have my long terms goals in mind, it is just the pleasure to make time to stroll, look at the new Spring Summer collection and feel happy with the colours blossoming from Zara Woman to Zara Home.

No rush, no crowd, no stress, just taking my time to feel the flavour of the new trends, the originality of the patterns, the different cuts creating edginess, sharpness or a romantic flair to your style, it’s blissful, yes, blissful to focus on this and embrace a slow pace to just enjoy this experience. Focusing on beauty, esthetism is purely a gift to recharge our creativity.

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