Ask for Help, You Would Never Regret It

Yesterday, I saw that asking for help is the best gesture to do when you feel at loss and overwhelmed with anger, irritation and bloody frustration. My bundle of joy decided to organise a samba party until 11pm or midnight to wake up in the middle of the night to request my attention. Obviously used to sleep deprivation, I managed to be Wonderwoman for a few weeks but now I can feel my demeanour gradually changing.

So, after my anger levels went to the stratosphere, I just spoke to let go of everything : lack of everything, too much to cope, to handle, need a break, enough of stupid emails, of the lack of professionalism of some people, of a serious lack of sleep. And, this is where the magic of communication operated. By opening up, I let show my humanity, my ability to be vulnerable, lost and tired.

And, all of us we can be empathetic i.e understand the issues of others, put ourselves in their feet. And when you ask for help, everyone wants to help you. In one day, I received so many good piece of advice that I have plenty of options/strategies for my daughter to be in the arms of Morpheus in a timely manner.

I feel so much better now, especially relieved and reassured that I am not the only mum to struggle with sleep routine for my baby. So, the lesson of it is whatever is bothering or concerning you, let it go by speaking about it. It will save you tons of worries, headaches and overanalysing. I am grateful to have received so much help in a short period of time when I take the courage to ask for help.

Credit featured picture: Bloglovin

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