How to Reach A Quiet Pace of Life

I noticed something quite particular living in London and with other European countries like France, Spain, Italy or Portugal. Where I always feel in a rush to manage/ juggle so many things to do when I am living in London, it’s completely the contrary in France.

All the time, I had this strong feeling that I put myself on autopilot to be able to tick off my to-do list in London. It’s a weird sensation especially when I am coming back in France, in Brittany and the pace of life is so peaceful. People are taking the time to have a coffee, enjoy their meal and being in the present, for me they are more settled because they are in harmony with their environment. It is so relaxing, to take time to do things, to get used to this pace, to this quality of life it’s pure bliss.

When I am back in London, I am trying to keep this pace, this quiet confidence allowing me to face and enjoy my day. It is very easy for a few days but I get caught up in my habit to multitask slowly but surely. This is where meditation and the brilliant Scent Discovery Kit of Neom Organics are my tools to keep myself on my tracks, to pause, realise what I am doing and decrease my pace of thought to take time to do things.

It is really a learning process to be able to speed or slow down your pace when you want instead of following a negative thinking process or imagine the worst. I think truly the key is to just ask ourselves : do we really need to stress about it? Is it the end of the world ? if your responses to these questions is no, clearly there is no need to run like a rabbit and put yourself in this frenetic pace. No point.

And unsurprisingly, it is when I am taking time to do things, to do it properly and accurately that everything is falling into place. No need to double check, check again my mobile, send several emails, just make time to complete my tasks at my pace is THE solution to remain efficient and productive. Not only you will have a quiet confidence but you will remain happy and satisfied about your day, and THIS is really the cherry on the cake to finish your day in beauty !

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