Wonder Woman : The First Female Superhero Movie Worth To See

This is one of the movies I can’t wait to see. Why ? Because our modern Wonder Woman is kicking ass like nobody, she is strong, bold, beautiful and brave… and this is the pure impersonation of what any woman should be : fight for her dreams, her values and stay true to herself.

Until tomorrow, I only can anticipate that this movie will be absolutely epic and spectacular. To give you an idea, just watch and enjoy !

Credit featured picture : Warner Bros

From The Heart : Manifesting Abundance with Yoga Girl

I may be the only one to discover podcasts but I glad I did now. And I really loved in particular the podcast from @yoga-girl (Rachel Brathen) entitled From The Heart available on itunes. It’s like sharing a coffee or a lunch with her and truly have access to her life, her real life. Despite being a yoga teacher in Aruba and organising workshops and retreats, she is not afraid to speak about her struggles, her dilemma as a new mum and ask for help. And this is what I really love about her : no fake, no lies just the truth, simple and plain truth.

She also have this remarkable ability, she really is a storyteller to immerse her audience into her world and share it generously with different guests. I must say, by listening to her podcasts it has been for me like opening the door into another world. The first subject who intrigued me was how to manifest Abundance. It is a recurring subject coming into my emails, my internet search or even Instagram and I decided to take the plunge and understand more about it.

Rachel Brathen’s experience and insight about the subject make you realise that your faith, your beliefs are key to bring profound changes to your mindset, attitude and life. Taking the time to dig deep in your values, thinking process and feelings is an exercise which requires practise to fully create your own reality and attract your dreams to make them true. Sounds too be good to be true ? Possibly but this is where the truth lies… sometimes we add too much drama, overcomplicate things, events making them worse by our negative thinking patterns and anticipating the worst, living in fear or anxiety. Living in this manner is lock yourself in a dark bubble with no light, fresh air, sun to feel and live.

I think this is the reason, going outside, take some fresh air, feel the wind caress your skin, the sun warming your face is the key to unlock this door by feeling yourself alive, feel, smell, touch, see : awake your senses to realise your chance to be alive, to make your life extraordinary and being yourself.

Most importantly, as Gabby Bernstein say : “The Universe has Your Back”. Try each day to trust the Universe, to show your vulnerability, to truly believe that things will get better. Sometimes it will require action from you but if you believe with all your heart, elevate your frequency to love, gratitude, joy, kindness, you will manifest Abundance. Just give a try, you will never regret it !

From The Heart : https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/from-the-heart-conversations-with-yoga-girl/id1219728105?mt=2&i=1000383368267

Credit featured picture : yoga girl (Instagram)

Joao Gilberto – S’ Wonderful

This song is a celebration of love as well as happiness because happiness is within us, if we open to it, signs of happiness, light, joy are all around us, it’s just a question of choice : to focus on the good and beautiful or the contrary. Once you shift the focus of your mind to the things which make you happy, happiness start to emerge within you to blossom into your reality. Enjoy !

Credit featured picture : facebook.com

Bebel Gilberto – Samba da Bencao

It’s already great when you manage to find the place where you can chill out, lie down and relax but when you mix this with bossa nova, it’s not great, it’s discovering how to create your own heaven ! Enjoy !

Credit featured picture : creativelolo.com

Do You Really Know What You Truly Want ? If Not, It’s Time To Reflect

I missed writing and reading all the posts from the persons I follow. It’s a lot to commit to you but when what you are missing is a passion in your life, it’s never too much to the end. So, yes I have been more busy than usual at work, juggling between different projects and the insanity of some new systems. Apart from that, I managed to navigate smoothly through this storm and we are close to meet our targets well before the deadline, so everything look good.

I had a fed up crisis of the astronomical number of apps to our availability and that we are using. I mean, I understand some of us love to control everything or feeling in control of their diet, fitness to reach their goals, however from my point of view, I really feel disempowered to give so much power to all this technology. Practical, efficient or easy to use ? Yes, maybe but I truly feel that we should get back our power, choose which kind of lifestyle we want without sabotaging our diet, fitness or mind.

I also can hear from many people that the traditional way to work is outdated. Working for a company, or a corporate company does not give us the opportunity, flexibility that many people aspire to. Unsurprisingly these people quit their jobs, change their career or create their own business to live the life they want. It is a calculated risk , an adventure and a fantastic way to be happy on their own terms.

Ultimately reflection and reflexion are the keys to realise what you truly want. Take the time to ask you the good questions : Do you love your job ? Do you love your lifestyle ? Are you seeing your friends and family often ? Do you manage to  make time for yourself ? Do you truly enjoy your life ? If you are feeling hesitant, unsure and unsettled about the above questions, it’s time to take a break and reflect.

Credt featured picture : adoreness


Pursuing Your Dreams From A Place of Love

When you hear the music, any music waking up your desire to LIVE, dream, move, dance, smile, you know deep down that waiting for your dreams become true is not your style. Pursuing your dreams relentlessly from a place of LOVE, it’s the secret to remain passionate, keep going no matter what and overcome any obstacle.

It’s also time to recognise the signs most unnoticed by us, so caught up in our rushed lives but when you notice the beauty of the nature around you, you slow down to see these other bubbles of happiness : good news, a text from your friend, a new opportunity coming up, a new idea, compliments, loyalty from a colleague and so much more !

Rushing and trying to catch up with time is pointless, you will be sweaty, irritated, impatient and ready to collapse in anger mode…there is no point, better to do things at your own pace by organising yourself to preserve your zen, your cool, your flow.

And the bonus of this attitude is to remain in control, confident that you are moving forward in the right direction diligently. You will preserve your sanity, stay open to new opportunities and will truly enjoy the world around you, it is finally reaching a quiet confidence in life combined with a peaceful and loving serenity. What is more appealing than that ?

Credit featured picture : sincerelyjules.com


Summer : A Calling To Shine

You know when you can feel this IS your moment to make time for yourself, to believe in the Universe and this is your time, your time to shine. Yes with the fantastic weather, warm and sunny I just want to open my wardrobe and wear something light, summary and sooo pretty. There is nothing better to raise your energy levels and be a real sunshine all the day, make people happy and smile to enjoy live with limitless opportunities.

Each morning meditate and decide what you want for your day, what your day will be and raise your energy to attract all the greatness, the positivity and enthusiasm in your day. Have a fantastic day Beauties !