A Real and Gentle Make up Remover with ? Avene, of course !

Avene created a new make up remover. And because I have never been disappointed by their products, I bought it immediately. Why ?

1. The skincare line Avene is the purest, soothing skincare that I know for ages which calm, nourish and soothe my bambina de peau beautifully.

2. I was looking for a lighter version of the cleansing milk of Tolerance Extreme exceptional in itself but too creamy when you are in a rush to remove your make up, cleanse your skin before to put my daughter to bed.

3. I love the texture of this fluid, gentle like a milk and fresh like the rosée. Cleansing as well as soothing my skin is the formula to make my skin happy and zen.

4. And the cherry on the cake, the delicate and blossomed perfume of it makes this beauty ritual a real pampering time, only and just for you. I am using it daily and I strongly recommend it for sensitive skin, it’s a pure and real gem.

Credit featured picture : enchanted-barnowlkloof.tumblr.com

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