Neuroplasticity and Learning : a phenomenal breakthrough in neurosciences

This Ted Talk litteraly blow my mind because it confirm my belief that we have as human beings so much potential that you are not aware of. I am an advocate of positive psychology for years because I always believed that being positive is key to change your life, to learn, to make your vision a reality against the odds.

Neuroplasticity : the ability for the brain to reorganise itself when you are learning is a phenomenal breakthrough in neurosciences. It is the scientific evidence that at any age, our brain will adapt to our ongoing learning and a brilliant hope that people with stroke, brain damaged issues can recover from it with the appropriate exercises.

This brilliant doctor Lara Boyd, brain researcher explain the limitless possibilities of our brain, it is something to listen, watch and know. Why ? Because it is the evidence that ongoing learning need to be part of our  life and most importantly we all have an inner potential which can be unlocked with neuroplasticity.

Credit featured picture : Malika Favre


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