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The Art to Let It Go

It is one of these days… when you manage to get organised, ready to kick start your day and despite your quiet confidence, you feel drained, physically drained. You are looking for answers, is it lack of sleep, lack of energy, lack of motivation ? But no one of your analysis provide you a feedback, a reassurance that you know what’s going on. It is when you just need to LET IT GO. Yes, just let your mind rest from this incessant questionnaire and nourish your body and your spirit. Focus on keeping your Happiness Pot well filled by doing what you love and give yourself the permission to rest, reflect and daydreaming.

We are so caught up by our numerous goals that sometimes we missed completely the sense of life, being in the moment and enjoy the small things to truly appreciate our life and re-learn to do nothing. Just finish your job, go back home and give a kiss to your loved ones is what really matters.

Credit featured picture : Instagram – Photo by @khschroedercom
Model @rebeccaco19

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