A RTT Masterclass with Marisa Peer : Another Door to Unlock Your Potential

It’s rare that I am speechless and shocked in a good way by a new experience. But this is what happened yesterday surprisingly. Despite the astronomical numbers of testimonies, global recognition of this highly successful and best therapist in UK, my belief that hypnosis and her specific therapy will bring dramatic changes in my life which, long lasting results didn’t appeal/convince me. I don’t know why but in my mind hypnosis is a way to manipulate the mind, enter into our subconscious, a space too intimate and private to be opened to strangers. I think the image conveyed by the media, police series didn’t help to build in my mind a good outlook on hypnosis. Despite my pessimism, I was seriously intrigued.

I am in the verge to change my career because I truly want to help people by empowering them, make them happy through different streams : as a therapist, as a writer and as a communicator. I want to inspire people to dare unlock their potential and thrive in their life instead of being trapped in their limiting beliefs, sabotaging their self esteem and confidence and being miserable.

Changing my career is necessary because I do not add the value I want to bring to people. But it means making an investment for my learning which will allow me to do what I love, empower people and truly embrace my passions. The fact that I am able to write it is the first step, the second step will be tremendous and the last one will be the realisation of my dreams.

This Masterclass explains you what Marisa Peer is doing as well as detailing what she will do during her hypnosis session. It will only work if you are willing to change, to understand what are the beliefs in your subconscious either limiting or sabotaging your self esteem, relationships, career, it’s like swimming in a deep cave and have access to your inner world that you are not even aware. Is it scary ? No. Is it fascinating ? Yes because layer by layer Marisa is helping you delving into yourself to locate, identify your mental blocks, put them to light and remove them for good replacing them by good, empowering beliefs.

When I opened my eyes after this session, I was speechless because I was realising the impact of what a session of 30 minutes with her did it to me. I had limiting beliefs that I wasn’t even aware, it was  a mind blowing experience because you gain back your self, your worth as an individual and embrace the light, joy created by this transformation. I was hesitant before to train as a Marisa Peer practitioner, I am not anymore. I know it works because I experienced it but more importantly because she cares about people, she want to help them, being successful, happy and this is what I want, truly want. Even for me writing it, saying it aloud in front of my screen is frankly getting out of my comfort zone and scare the hell out of me…and also excited because I am ready to jump, take a deep dive to fully being myself.

If you feel close to change your life but deep down, you know that something is missing, get out of your comfort zone and try this Masterclass, this is truly another door to unlock your potential.

Credit featured picture : blogpatricialeite.com.br

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