The secret to see my daughter sleeping in less than 10 minutes !

I found the solution. My daughter is keeping on my toes everyday. She is seeking my attention constantly and sometimes I am just craving some time for myself, after all I am just a human being, not a Wonder Woman !

What I did is having quality time with her mixed with various activities : soft play, going to the zoo, going to the beach, watch Walt Disney movies, messy play, water play, dance and music to keep her occupied… because she is eager to learn, to give a try to new things and explore unknown territories daily.

What really occurred to me is going on holiday (countryside) and sleeping in coton flannel sheets is THE secret to see my daughter fall asleep in less than 10 minutes and THIS is the 🍒 on the 🎂 to have some “me time “to the end of the day knowing that I did my best for her to be happy everyday.

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