Experiment, variety and empowerment with…Make Up !

I start to like make up, incredible but true because  I changed my attitude towards it. I also think that meeting a brilliant adviser at Bobbi Brown help me to give a try, try different nuances to find the one matching my mood and my desire.

Make up is more than looking groomed, it is a fantastic way to express your personality, your strength and boldness. As a make up specialist told me : “make up is to enhance the beauty of women and the Pandore box for experiment and fun.” Yes, he was right that you need to take some risks to find your mojo, your make up style but most importantly you have to be ready for it. Even if you look superb with this must have lipstick, you need to ensure that this lipstick will be an investment and not a waste of money.

What I like with make up is the freedom to experiment, try new colors, discover new products perfect for my bambina de peau and my positive attitude. With Spring, it is an explosion of colours, of beautiful and delicates shades to express our awakening, our pleasure to feel the sun on our skin and feeling prettier.

I discovered recently that blending, mixing lipsticks is the secret to create my own lipstick with the perfect nuance. I love testing, trying, try unconventional blending to create something new, different and great.

I love the variety we have : decide that a lip balm, mascara and perfect eyebrows is my signature to look groomed and kick ass my day. It’s quick, great and my formula for work day but also that one day, I can choose to drag attention more to my lips, eyes or face. We become the maestra of our seduction and confidence. It is empowering, a sign of freedom and another way to express ourselves. Ladies, we are spoilt !

Credit featured picture : pinterest

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