What’s Happen When We Switch off from the Digital World?

I did it. Literally I switched off my mobile for most of the day and the results have been pretty incredible.

It’s like a weight from my shoulders has been lifted, no more notification, reminders, new bip announcing the receipt of new emails. You know the feeling when you able to capture the silence around you, to be aware of it and simply just embrace it alone…this is what I felt purely and simply. And miraculously freeing myself from this noise created space and peace in my mind immediately. All my thoughts settled following the inner silence. I gradually noticed tiny details around me, the song of the wind between the trees, its caress on my skin when sitting in the balcony, the natural pace of nature around, the gentle roar of the river beneath me.

Being aware of my environment creates another dimension where it feel that everything was possible if I change my thinking process and draw  strength in the rythm of the nature to stay grounded and authentic. Most importantly, I feel grateful to make time to re-connect with the nature around me and truly feel privileged to embrace this moment. It is the key to find yourself, being yourself and appreciate your uniqueness.

Credit featured picture : Kit & Ace

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