I joined the dark side of the Force and I am not convinced by it…

This is it, yes I did as my friend and my hubby told me I joined the dark side of the Force. Let me tell you first, it was time for me to try something new and different. My dear mobile was slowly but surely dying in my hands and let me down more than necessary at inappropriate moments…

So with that in mind and an upgrade available with my mobile provider, I decided to give a try to the main competitor of my previous mobile. Because I wanted to see, try and maybe being impressed by the newness of a new mobile. So, yes I joined the dark side and it hasn’t been a smooth ride…far from it. I spent time pestering, being puzzled by the numerous times where my password has been requested, having to set up my apps on this new phone, spending time to find my passwords to finally, yes finally truly put a brutal stop to my enthusiasm to have this mobile.

On the other side, given my reluctance to adapt to something new, it was time for me to gain some flexibility even highlighted with pain and swearing… and sometimes screams but gradually, gradually it start to get better. It’s not perfect, I realise the value of some changes, new apps, new ways and the value of typing more slowly. However, I am still puzzled that most of my contacts have vanished from my new mobile and I have no clue how this is happened !! I am telling you, something is definitely not right…Happy Friday beauties !

Credit featured picture : Malika Favre


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